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October 30th 2013
Published: July 21st 2013
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Today is a dry day in Bhutan<span><span> bahahahahahha .<span>It is also a day when no-one in the country apart from taxis and tourist vehicles are allowed on the roads.

There wasn’t<span> much going on at the festival early on so we went out to the Kurjey Lhakhang temple.<span> Its an impressive piece of architecture as they all are but today was a very lucky day for us.<span> The first Goemba is presided over by a Lhama in prayer and is very serene. The walls are covered by frescos once again, and also by the thousand Bhudda statues on the opposite wall.<span> The shrine itself is all gold and beauty.

We cross over to another of the Goembas which is very sparse as the shrine is hidden by hundred foot wooden doors.<span> Shane decides he isn’t going in because he has to take his boots off…..again!

It seems that out of nowhere an elderly Lhama appears.<span> He eyes us carefully and I smile at him and bow my head and he then speaks to Palden.<span> It seems he likes us, because before Paldin and I know it he is opening the doors for us.<span> I tell Druk to get his boots off or he’ll really miss out.

The Lhama tells us that whatever we pray for at this shrine will be ours. <span> It is the most amazing shrine, and all 3 off us are overwhelmed by the privilege and the power of this gesture.<span> The Lhama also blesses us with the holy water, which he pours into our hands.<span> We sip it and then place the remainder<span> on our heads.<span> Sadly it tastes like camphor, and that’s all I’ve been able to taste all day LOL

We walked from there through the farmland to the festival, which was now well under way.<span> There are archery contests and gambling games which are the most popular.<span> Druk has a crack at the archery to the delight of the locals. Apparently the prize is a bottle of beer.<span> Woo Hoo!!!

The festival is full of stalls selling everything from pots and pans, plastic plates and bowls, to gold gilded statues and jewellery. It is so colourful, and you can see that people have come from far and wide to make the most of this opportunity to buy and sell to their neighbours.

Another walk today up to Jakar Zhong.<span> We walked up yesterday for the hell of it but Paldin wasn’t with us so we met him up there today and he took us through.<span> He offered to take us up in the car but we need the exercise for Tiger Temple!<span> He also asks if we want a ride down. Pffft!<span> I didn’t walk up here to not walk down! Walking downhill is the best part!!

We take off from here tomorrow morning at 8, for the 8 hr drive back to Punakha where we will stay for 2 nights.<span> Everyone we’ve met so far who has been there says they wish they could have stayed longer, so here’s hoping its all its cracked up to be.


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