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Asia » Bangladesh » Comilla November 20th 2011

Its my village. Basically, born and brought up place of my parents. As I have born in different place that's why I am not that familiar or connected with this village so well. Sometimes, if I had any scope then came here. Altogether may be i have visited only 5 or 6 times but my this trip was quite different than any other time. Because, I wasn't accompanied by my guardian or any family members. I knew that, Bangladeshi villages has some speciality based on different seasons. Particularly in winter time. I wanted to see the beauty of a village in winter. Wanted to explore how it looks like and how people celebrate this season. Generally, villages are always quite different than urban life but particularly in winter you can see something really special that you ... read more
Photo by arif
Photo by arif

Asia » Bangladesh » Bandarban August 29th 2011

The night was fuming that a late swig to slay the demons of the head is a method. Every turn on the sidewalk was exploiting, surveying twilights and it’s vengeance was uttering to the psyche so as those little anticipations in LA Café in Mabini, Manila. Spying bogus replica from the Interpol was phony fine, unarmed. The zip from the juice was gay when hot mamas pulled in then bargained transactions. It was exquisite as the night wasn’t tuesday, pandemonium was closed to revered sacrosanct although unsound than the bartender and some consultations to extraterrestrials were concorded, still gay. Larry Masterson, an executive from Australia preserving fastidious rapport to pacify. He sits level to the window where peculiar views of illicit treks by foreign guests. To elucidate the panorama it’s perfect using the dosage from the ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Bandarban July 26th 2011

You may remember in my last post that I mentioned we were next headed to Chonqing. Well we still went there but i'm not gonna say a lot about it, mainly because there isn't anything to say. It's just a megalopolis of 32 million people, the world's biggest technically, and has the Yangtze river running through it, the colour of which Willy Wonka would be proud of. That's it really, oh and it's pollution levels mean you rarely see the sun.  -fact of the day, only 1% of Chinese people live with acceptably good air quality...  Anyway after 3 exhilarating days there and then 2 more of just travelling and an overnight stop we arrived in Guilin, which is a gorgeous town surrounded by incredible landscapes of karst limestone hills and (trumpet fanfare.... blue skies!!) we ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dinajpur July 7th 2011

Kantaji is one of antic and historical temple of Bangladesh. ... read more
Terracotta of Kantoji Temple - photo by arif
Kantaji Temple - photo by arif
Kantoji Temple - photo by arif

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka July 1st 2011

Mark Twain introduces the Robinsons After tourin' the Outback and Adelaide with the Noolans, I figure I'll stop a spell in Canberra to say howdy to Jan and David Robinson. I reckon if the Noolans be representing the typical, straightforward Australian Pete, than the Robinsons break just about every other Aussie stereotype. Now, I taught with these folks in Dhaka for two years-2007-2009- at an international school. Jan is a firecracker. Petite, bright and fresh, and brimming with life, this lady wore her students down to the bone with her curiosity and activity. On weekends she pull me along to the Australian Embassy for a sparklin' glass of Aussie champagne...or two glasses...or more. No Foster's beer for this lady, she'd lean against David, chirping about her weekly adventures while sipping her bubbly. David, a rector close ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka June 30th 2011

The Characters An Aesop's Fable with a Moral The expatriate community in Bangladesh was quite small, so naturally the circles of the Noolans-with the non-government organization Symbiosis- and myself-an international school teacher- often collided. This was in Dhaka in 2009. "I'm Jeanette, from Adelaide, Australia," Jeanette said to me, "I hear you are a Yank. "Excuse me?" I abhor labels. "I'm from the United States, yeah, but not a Yank." "To Australians all Americans are Yanks," she stated. "At least she didn't tell us what state she's from, assuming we know exactly where that is," pointed out Steve. This was my introduction to candid, direct Australian culture. The first part of my trip will ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Patuakhali June 21st 2011

Kuakata is another beautiful and popular sea beach of Bangladesh. Which is located at the southern part of Bangladesh under the district of Patuakhali. Still this beach is very natural as its not became that much commercial yet. Speacilly this place is popular and known to all for sun rise and sun set view. Beach of kuakata is full of snail and huge red crab u will get there (you have to be very carefull if u want to obsrve them closely). You may also visit 100 years old Buddhist Temple where you can see the statue of Goutama Buddho. If you have time then go and visit there and enjoy that panoramic beauty.... read more
Kuakata beach - photo by arif
Crab - photo by arif
Photo 2

Asia » Bangladesh » Bagerhat June 20th 2011

Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat: A saint-worrior, khan e Jahan by title, founded a town in 15th century AD at the western peripheral land of present day Bagerhat Town. Depending on the numismatics evidences some scholars are of opinion that the town was called Khalifatabad during the 16th century AD. The town was studded with a lot of mosques, reservoirs, tombs, roads and many edifices. Most of them, however, have gone leaving a few of them as ruins. Among the surviving ruins Sait Gombuj mosque, Singair mosque, Bibi Begni, Fakirbari Ranavijoypur mosque, Chonu khola mosque, Nine domed mosque, Tomb of Khan-e-Jahan, Tomb of Zindapir and Rezakhoda mosque are a few to note. They sprawl over at least 2.5 km area from north to south and 6 km from east to west. The lost town is a ... read more
Shat Gambuj Mosque - photo by arif
Shat Gambuj Mosque (inside view)- photo by arif
Shat Gambuj Mosque - photo by arif

Asia » Bangladesh June 7th 2011

It's been always a pleasure to be on road being as traveller. This is why, love to capture whenever it's possible. All these photos has been captured over last couple of years from the different places of Bangladesh. "And often a memorable song of Dylan came to my mind... How many roads must a man walk down Before You call him a Man? How many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes, how many times must the cannon balls fly Before they' re forever banned? The answer my friend is blowin in the wind The answer is blowin in the wind..."... read more
Ramu to coxbazar high way - photo by arif
Image 004
Roads - photo by arif

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet June 7th 2011

Here you can see the natural beauty of Haor (wetland) area. Where you can see the Mountain of Meghalaya are appeared on the horizon...... read more
Haor - photo by arif
Sunset at Haor (Wetland) - photo by arif
Sunset at haor

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