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Asia » Bangladesh » Barisal April 28th 2012

Life in Bangladesh as I know it revolves around water: the overnight launch trip to down to Barisal, waiting for the never-on-time ferries that keep life moving between the islands and mainland (you wouldn't know the difference though since everything is surrounded by the fingerlets of rivers letting out into the Bay of Bengal), and speed boat rides to the more remote chars. Apparently I'm getting too lazy to write real blog entires so again there are photos: of fishermen hawking wares from their rowboats before the fish have even had a chance to die; of fields that march right into the river with no proper distinction between land and water (the boundaries are always changing down here); of sunrises and sunsets; of old boats and new boats; of cows on ferries and bideshis in rivers; ... read more
Mamun the charmer worked our way up to the top

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka April 23rd 2012

I have arrived--back in the warm, sweaty embrace of Bangladesh. I'm not sure that this trip will produce any proper blogs, but I thought that I'd share some photos as a start. I spent my first few evenings in Dhaka with Hena and her girls. These photos are what happens when you give a point and shoot to two snap happy camera novices--a view of their own home in Kairal slum, Dhaka.... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka March 14th 2012

Today I visited the World Heritage listed mosques scattered around the town of Bagerhat, the drive was very scenic and the roads for the most part surprisingly good. Bangladesh is very clean and very green in comparison to India, the roads are almost deserted and pollution is minimal. I visited the Shait Gumbad Mosque built in 1459 and the largest and most magnificent traditional mosque in Bangladesh, the Singair Mosque and the Ronvijoypur Mosque which has the largest dome in the country still none of where a patch on the Mughal architecture of India. It was then on to Khan Jahan’s tomb and the Dargah Mosque which was surrounded by a solid wall and wasn’t very exciting despite the blessing I received from the imam and the pretty nearby lake with the crocodiles. It was then ... read more
Traffic is sparce in Bangladesh
The highway is covered in some type of fibre
Wet and green country side of Bangladesh

Asia » Bangladesh » Jessore March 11th 2012

I spent much of my last day in Mumbai relaxing and eating toasted cheese sandwiches in the early afternoon I farewelled Padraic and travelled to the airport, my flight to Kolkata was late departing but arrived on time so all was well. I had arranged a pick up at the airport in Kolkata but when I arrived there was nobody there, so I rang my contact who had forgotten me so I had a long wait, a gentleman seemed concerned for my welfare and offered to take me to my hotel, unfortunately I didn’t have one as I was supposed to be on my way to the Sunderbans not feeding Kolkata’s mosquitoes. Finally they arrived in an old 1960 era vehicle only to tell me it was too late to go out to the National Park ... read more
River commuters pile aboard a boat
Dont forget the chickens
Or your motorbike

Asia » Bangladesh February 27th 2012

I think I could turn and live with the animals, they are so placid and self contained; I stand and look at them long and long. They do not sweat and whine about their condition; They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins; They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God; Not one is dissatisfied-not one is demented with the mania of owning things; Not one kneels to another, nor his kind that lived thousands of years ago; Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth ― Walt Whitman ... read more
Photo 10
Photo 22
Photo 13

Asia » Bangladesh January 13th 2012

Faces in Bangladesh I took several nice photos of people when I was in Bangladesh. A few of those photos I have already published in the other two blog entries I have written on Bangladesh. If you want to read those entries, containing my stories and a few others of my photos from Bangladesh, you can follow this link, for the first half of the trip, and this one, for the latter half. But when I look through my photos I see several more nice photos of people that I can not fit in anywhere in the other two entries. Therefore I have decided to put up a third blog entry from Bangladesh, one with only people in it. OK I admit that I cheat a little bit this time. Most of the text, and it ... read more
Old man I met in a restaurant
Smoking woman
An odd character

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka January 12th 2012

The Rocket, palaces and two world heritage sites This blog entry is about the second half of my journey in Bangladesh. If you would like to read about the first half but haven't yet you can follow this link. First I'd like to write a little about the traffic in Bangladesh. If I am to describe the traffic in Bangladesh the first word I come to think about is 'nightmarish', and after that the words 'noisy', 'crowded' and 'scary' come to mind. A bus ride could be described as a series of chicken races while honking the horn like crazy. To give you an idea of what it is like I have shot a short film from inside a car. The film is really bad, I know, but it really is the sound that is important ... read more
Rice field
Somapura Mahavihara
Somapura Mahavihara

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong January 11th 2012

Beach, boats, tribal people and fish Here comes the first blog entry from my latest travels. This time the destination was Bangladesh. This is my first visit to Bangladesh and it is one that I have looked forward to for many years. Unfortunately the photos on this and the two following blog entries are less good than they usually are. First there was hazy and cloudy weather some days and that made the photos a bit less colourful than usual. I also had a mishap with my camera on one of the first days in the country and that messed up many of my photos. I hope you still think the blog entry is worth reading. I landed in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. My plans were to see the rest of the country first and ... read more
Elephant sign
Elephant print

Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar » Teknaf » St. Martin's January 7th 2012

Puo' risultare difficile associare il Bangladesh ad una vacanza al mare, eppure non molti sanno che qui di spiaggie ce ne sono eccome, tra cui quella che puo' forse vantare il titolo di "piu' lunga al mondo": un tratto ininterrotto di sabbia lungo ben 120 Km! E' per questo motivo che arrivo a Chittagong, il piu' grande porto del paese, una citta' sporca e caotica ma dal nome che mi ispira fiducia; qui infatti trovo subito qualcosa da fare: pochi chilometri piu' a Nord, lungo la costa, sorgono numerosi cantieri dove vengono demolite le navi in disuso provenienti da tutto il mondo: una buona occasione per andare a rovistare in cerca di buoni affari. Ma come previsto, l'accesso alla spiaggia dove sono arenate le navi e' sbarrato da alti cancelli e le guardie all'ingresso sono irremovibili ... read more
Chittagong: la demolizione delle navi prosegue ai bordi della strada
Isola di St.Martin: buona parte dell'isola e' ancora incontaminata
Mainimati: le rovine del Salban Vihara

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka January 2nd 2012

Tra le poche informazioni di prima mano che sono riuscito a raccogliere su questo paese, dimenticato dai piu' se non in occasione del puntuale, catastrofico ciclone che lo investe in media ogni 5 anni, la piu' preoccupante e' senza dubbio il fatto di dover essere costantemente al centro dell'attenzione, il soggetto preferito di una moltitudine di sguardi allibiti, come se un extraterrestre fosse atterrato in piazza del duomo a Milano. Dopotutto come puo' non essere cosi' in un paese di piu' di 150 milioni di abitanti che raramente vedono passare dalle loro parti viaggiatori occidentali dalla pelle bianca, dal fisico imponente (i bengalesi sono alti in media un metro e cinquanta, lo si capisce dalla distanza media tra i sedili sugli autobus....) e soprattutto...turisti con molto tempo da perdere! Desideroso di passare il piu' possibile inosservato, ... read more
Dhaka: Sadarghat, il porto sul fiume Buriganga
Bagerhat: la moschea Chunakhola galleggia tra le risaie
Old Dhaka: Shankharia Bazar

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