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Asia » Bangladesh June 19th 2006

In the morning we awoke fairly early to get breakfast at the Sea Crown and head out to Inani beach, some distance away by car. If I ever doubted that Swapan is the best driver that I have ever driven with, those doubts were dispelled during the ride to Inani beach. A couple of times we came to what appeared to be impassable mud or broken road, only to have Swapan expertly maneuver the car through/over/around the obstacle. I swear he would be able to drive on water like a famous religious figure. As we arrived on Inani beach a cadre of kids ran up along side our car. They offered to carry our bags and protect us from the rocks while swimming. They set our belongings down next to the only outcropping of rock ... read more
Kid Pic 2
Kid Pic 3
Kid Pic 4

Asia » Bangladesh June 18th 2006

While we traveled to Cox’s Bazaar we traveled through 250 km of beautiful countryside. It didn’t seem that beautiful to Nabil and the Iqbals, but I found it to be a sensory overload. Between the big cities of Dhaka and Chittagong we passed through many small towns. Some of the most powerful images were fleeting, a frame in the movie of this trip. The look on a wizened face, the jutting rib of a cow, the enormity of a pile of jack-fruit. Everything is handmade here. Almost all the buildings are constructed of concrete, though not of the American pre-cast kind. Everything is cast on site, and almost all the labor is not mechanized. To keep the concrete from dripping when pouring floors, they use sheets of bamboo, and bamboo is also used to support ... read more
View from Hotel
Math lessons in the sand

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka June 16th 2006

***** Photo uploading having a problem, ill try to fix it this evening **** Hello All! I have safely arrived in Bangladesh from America and I have started wandering around the city with Nabil and Nabil's family. My trip to Bangladesh went very very smoothly. I had a nice seatmate for the trip to London and he and I talked for a while until I tried to eventually get to sleep. It turns out his kid is a member of an indie-rock group Annathallo that I have heard of. He is going to send me a CD when he gets home to America. He is a hospitality professor and we had a whole range of interesting discussions. My layover of 6 hours in London went fine and I dont think I will have any problems on ... read more
Tea Stand
Paying for Rickshaw Ride
Abject Poverty Sandwich

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka June 10th 2006

Who did make fun of me because I was flying with Biman Bangladesh Airline to come back from Hong Kong to France? Everybody,right? Ha ha! I've taken my revenge! I had a very pleasant one-day transit in Dhaka. Dhaka? you know, Bangladesh's capital! Bangladesh? you know, the small country in the north east of India, formerly part of India and then of Paskistan! ;-) (ok ok, for me it's quite new too!) Actually, without being under the responsability of a local, I wouldn't have had the right to go out of the hotel-for-transit-passagers, where by the way the food is pretty nice : spicy fried vegetables - really spicy and with mixed vegetables cut in small pieces instead of "big green trees" so common in Hong Kong-, curry of mutton and chicken (with a really tasty ... read more
First look out of the hotel
The parliament

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka April 13th 2006

Bangladesh is the world's most densely populated country (three times more than Japan) one of the world's poorest, and recently subjected to separatists bombing courts and police stations which all combine to promise a most interesting visit. My initial impressions of it's capital, Dhaka a city with 12.5 million inhabitants, was that it was far cleaner than any comparable Indian city and the poverty that can be so obvious on the sub-continent appeared less so here. Journeying into the old city was a real experience, for it was home to the most congested streets I have ever seen: pedestrians, men and oxen hauling carts, cycle-rickshaws, autorickshaws, buses (both single and double-decker), cars and trucks all formed a seething mass that squeezed through the narrow streets. The traffic system was unique to Dhaka - for by using ... read more
Bangladeshi supporters celebrate as Shahriar Nafees reaches his century - Dhaka
The precocious Dishna who charmed all of the Australians supporters - Dhaka
The Narayanganj Oshmani Stadium in Fatullah - Dhaka

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka March 30th 2006

Dhaka has to be one of the craziest places ive ever been too. It has to be one of the only places where you can go to, where you will not see another single white person in sight. The people are really friendly and everyone looks bemused at seeing a white girl with blonde hair. I enquired at the hotel about hiring a guide to take me around the city. The guy working behind the desk was only too happy to finish work and take me around himself!! We went on a rickshaw to the local palace. As soon as I got out, within a couple of seconds I had, and I kid you not, sixty or so guys circled around me….just looking in bewilderment! Its so funny as you would think that when you make ... read more
basket on heads

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka January 3rd 2006

Arrived into Dhaka and set off on the 2 hour bus ride to the hotel which was an experience in itself!! The driving on the roads here is just beyond ridiculous. There seem to be no road rules whatsoever, with trucks, buses, cars and rickshaws all crammed in together making 6 lanes out of 3. As well as this we had all sorts of people knocking on the windows of our van begging for money. From the young kids with amputated limbs, to girls holding infant babies it was a pretty sad sight to see. A few of the crew decided to go out to the local markets not far from our hotel. From the moment we got out of our rickshaw it was like stepping into another world. We literally stopped traffic, i don't know ... read more
The stares
The hustle and bustle outside the market

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka March 25th 2005

Am in someone's house in Bangladesh ..... YES, BANGLADESH.... The weather was so bad (smog and rain - couildn't see ground) when we got to Calcutta that we couldn't land. One minute we were going down and the next the plane was heading straight up. The girl I was sitting beside and I just looked at each other. Thought for a min the plane was hijacked or something.. The girl is from Calcutta but is studying in Warwick in England. It was great .. I was expecting all on the plane to be speaking Hindu or Bengali BUT they all spoke English. Great. How Naive was I leaving Ireland??!! Anyway, after circling Calcutta for an hour, we ended up having to head to Dhaka airport in Bangladesh to get more fuel. We were sitting there ages ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh January 9th 2005

Legs dangling from the train, book in hand, watching the Indian plains slowly trundle by. The scenery is beautifully flat and patch-worked with irregularly shaped harvested fields dotted with palms and ancient trees stretching as far and wide as the eye can see. Women in colourful saris carry bails of hay on their heads to serenely primitive villages seemingly built from the stuff. Wispy smoke from cooking fires hangs horizontally and motionless in the air above, whilst water buffalos blissfully unaware of their contribution to the scene bathe in lily filled ponds with birds atop their backs… Every time I look up from my book I’m spellbound - the people and landscape seem entwined in one magnificent timeless collage of life. I have an overwhelming urge to leave the train and walk off on the confusion ... read more
Gridlock! Dhaka style.
Chittagong port at dusk
our protection!

Asia » Bangladesh June 16th 2004

in to Bangladesh 16 Jun 2004 Dhaka, Banglades It was time to leave India, hope I will able to get a new visa back into India again. will be sayonara to India I guess! will see. our ac bus was kind of a giant in this back country road. Everything had to gave way, human or animals, rickshaws or motors. The border crossing was easy enough, I was the only one who kept the bus waiting for more than 20 mins. Guess not many foreigners crossing from this check point, that was why there was so many questions for me. And I think their main problem was not knowing how to fill in their paper work! It was a 4 hrs trip to Dhaka, and we drove through many paddy fields along the way, the ... read more
street scene

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