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Asia » Bangladesh June 6th 2011

Beauty of nature... Nature comes to my views in many ways which I tried to capture through my camera. The same sky, the same river has its thousands look, but sometimes my camera even unable to explore that beauty...... read more
State of obscurity

Asia » Bangladesh » Bandarban » Chimbuk April 9th 2011

Try traveling around by a Motorbike in Bangladesh, you will get a different perspective towards the community. In the beginning it may bother you a bit with the smog and lack of proper traffic rules in the highways. The roads are not that good in all the places as well. But most of them are not that bad either. Once you get out of the city premise, the real flavor of Bangladesh opens up. The highways here are not like the highways of the more developed countries but we do have long stretches of beautiful roads with breathtaking country beauty all around. The hospitality and the curiosity of the people are still original. I have covered a bit of the highways but there is still lot that remains. For starter I’ve been to the hilly areas ... read more
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Random Joom Hut 2
In the foot of the Chingri Waterfall

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka January 24th 2011

Hi ALL!! Thanks for looking at my blog! Due to popular complaint I have changed to a different site that it easier to navigate. Find me at: read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka January 20th 2011

Things are getting really busy here in the subdivision of Uttara. Everyones gearing up for the huge Estema festival happening this weekend. Its an Islamic gathering of men from all over Bangladesh and the surrounding countries for prayer. Some describe it like a pilgrimage. It is taking place behind our university across the river, so from the roof you can see the tents that have been set up, they stretch further than the eye can see. 3 Million men are expected and this year they've broken it into 2 weekends and asked people from different regions to come on a specific weekend. There are tea and food stalls set up all over, and thousands of men here already. We're going to try to go to the train station tomorrow to watch the people arrive in packed ... read more
Serenity in the city
on the way to school
Clare, vermont student, with a baby at the health check up day

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka January 13th 2011

The following is the same entry as my first one, only this time it is public. Add photos to the next entry. So, I have survived my first week here on other side of the world! It was a challenge to get here with missed flights and lost luggage but my new Bangla family made the hassles manageable. My first week of teaching has gone well. I have 14 students in my class, with many more men than I had expected. There are about 4 young women and 10 young men. Yesterday was the faculty foundations day where students have booths to teach others about their faculty. The nursing student's are energetic and enthusiastic and their booth is very colourful and full of great health teaching information. I'm so glad to see the spirit here, the ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong December 10th 2010

Well, its nearly time for me to pack up all my things and leave this wonderful city that has been my home for three months. Its a time of the entire cacophony of emotions - i feel sad to be leaving such wonderful people that have become my family and friends, but also i feel happy to be seeing the UK again. Overwhelmingly i feel a sense of acheivement and joy with everything that i have done here in Bangladesh. This week has been one of two things; Goodbyes and Shopping!! Each day of teaching has been difficult, with each successive class that i have had to teach asking the same question, 'Why do you have to go Mr Will?'. I have been inundated with gifts (seven mugs at the final count - not all of ... read more
The English Staff
Boudi and I

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong December 4th 2010

Well, this week was the week of the ADF! And what a full on week it was. Sunday, i was back at school rehearsing from 5pm until 8pm, Monday i had half a day at school then rehearsals from 2 until 6. Tuesday we had the day off due to a national strike organised by the BNP for some political reason i can't get my head round. Then, Wednesday was a normal day of school and finally, i had Thursday morning off until 1:30 where i went into school for the performances!! I really didn't know what to expect from the shows. My piece was only a small part of a much bigger 2 hour show - all based around the concept of Festivals of the World. I was directing a short drama based around the ... read more
Eyasmin, Rashida and Boudi
My Kids

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong November 30th 2010

Last night, I had a trip to Handi for some incredible food with some friends. When i say incredible food, i mean it. The tastiest Naan breads and perhaps the most wonderful chicken dish i have ever tasted. And all for under £5 - and thats expensive here! It is by far my favourite restaurant in Chittagong, a place i have been to many times, and will hopefully have my final meal out there!! But the story really begins with the ride home. It involved a rickshaw, perhaps my favourite form of transport and something i will greatly miss riding in when i get home. Now, the main road which Handi is on is a dual carriageway type of road, and the restaurant is on completely the wrong side of the road for us to get ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong November 26th 2010

Sorry all for the lack of blogging over the past week or so. I was waiting and waiting until i had anything interesting to say...then i was ill, after that my modem died. If there's one thing i've learnt, its that in Bangladesh, me and technology do not mix!! So i shall start from the last blog! We arrived back from Srimangal to Chittagong as a ghost town. As it was Eid-ul-Azha on Wednesday 16th, huge numbers of people were travelling out of the big cities and back to their ancestral homes in villages across the country. Those that stayed had in store for us one of the weirdest scenes i have ever seen. This Eid was all about sacrifice and slaughter, families bought cows and goats and marched them along the streets. On the morning ... read more
Inside a Bengali Church
The Graveyard Entrance

Asia » Bangladesh » Moulvibazar » Sreemangal November 16th 2010

Time for part two. I hope you are still with me, there is so much to tell that i thought - to give you a break, i'd put it into two slightly smaller blogs! Day Three So, we had a slightly later start to recover from the madness that was the previous day. But i was up early and very excited for the next adventures. We got up and headed straight for another tea garden. I watched with delight as women picked tea leaves straight from the plant. Here i discovered that tea workers are mostly Hindus, as the British brought them over from India, and women because women have softer and smaller hands for the picking! It was so nice to actually watch them pick, i even tried my hand though failed pretty miserably. We ... read more
Life on the Water
Wading through the mud

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