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Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet November 19th 2008

Im Hotel nach einer laengeren Reise von einem Bankautomaten zum naechsten und dann einigen Stunden im Internetcafe wollte ich mir eine Route durch Bangladesh ausarbeiten. Aber.... der Reisefuehrer war nicht mehr da........SCHEISSE! Ohne Fuehrer geht es grundsaetzlich auch, jedoch schwer, da niemand english spricht und alles in Bangal angeschrieben ist, somit nicht lesbar. Also eine Rikschatour durch Sylhet gemacht..... der Fahrer wusste natuerlich nicht warum ich kreuz und quer durch die Stadt gekarrt werden moechte und war schon ein wenig genervt. Eigentlich habe ich das Buch bereits abgeschrieben, da ich es in jeder Bank hatte liegenlassen koennen, ABER.... es lag..... im Internetcafe und nun pass ich besser auf ;-))) Mit einem Taxi gings die Berge ueber horrende Serpentinen nach unten. Die flache Ebene von Bangladesh, die Jahr fuer Jahr Schlagzeilen wegen Ueberflutung macht, beginn... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet July 24th 2008

A friend from the UK came to visit me last Friday, and prior to her arrival I/we decided to go on a brief sojourn to Srimongol (there are different spellings, but I’m going to stick to one). Srimongol is where the tea-estates are here in Bangladesh, in the Sylhet region, east of the country, very close to the Indian border. Dhaka is such a chaotic city to live in, and visit, especially for a first-timer to Bangladesh, that I thought it’d be a change in scene to visit Srimongol, as well as the fact that I had never been. I organised the trip through Guide Tours, a travel agent if you will, with an office close to me near Gulshan 2. A few days before the trip, I collected our train ticket (a tiny blue slip ... read more
I like the fact they remind you not to spit in the pool
village women preparing betel-nut leaves

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet July 3rd 2008

I decided to take a holiday this past weekend with a couple of my friends. Even though it was great to get out to Matlab for a night, it was still work-related, and after a month in Dhaka, having a real holiday was well-appreciated. I went with Luke, who is one of my flatmates and also works at ICDDR,B floating around, helping out with cholera patients and patients with infectious diseases. The other friend, SoJin, is a Korean-America who goes to the University of Virginia. She works in the parasitology lab at ICDDR,B. A guy in my office who makes travel arrangements for our employees very kindly offered to make all the reservations for me, which was very helpful because you can’t just buy tickets online and it’s very difficult for me to do that ... read more
Madhabkunda Waterfall
In front of the waterfall

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet May 6th 2008

4 glorious days off work stretched in front of us - how should we spend it? Drinking tea and sheltering from the horrendous daily onslaught of Dhaka noise seemed like a sensational way to escape. We rose early on Friday morning to catch the 4 hour train ride to the northern state of Sylhet, renowned world wide for it's magnificent tea. The jam-packed train station was the usual source of panic for me, made worse by the combination of extreme interest in my sensationally white skin and the presence of Dylan, our friends' baby boy. 8 white people, 2 of them extremely tall, 1 carrying a fair headed, blonde child in a massive backpack, all wandering aimlessly on an overcrowded platform - perfect early morning viewing for the multitude of locals! The train finally arrived and ... read more
Beautiful flower
Colourful bird

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