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Asia » Bangladesh » Khulna May 30th 2017

The town Khohora, Assam, India had a nice, relaxed feel to it, one of those places where people from all over the world are walking around. We made plans to change to another room for the next night, met a cool father and daughter from California in internet place. Arrangements made to go on safari all day the next day, first on an elephant and then in a jeep. We chilled out in our room for some time in the afternoon, had a hearty dinner with a few beers and then off to sleep. The knock came early on our door this morning at 4:30AM to rouse us for safari. I had one of those moments coming out of REM sleep where I had no idea where I was for a second. We woozily walked out ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Khulna February 24th 2017

I took a 3 day boat trip into the Sundarban National Park. It's the world's largest mangrove forest and home to the bengal tiger. It was my second trip into the Sundarbans as I went before on the Indian side. Overall it was a bit disappointing. Chugging down the rivers with music blaring and not really close to anything to see meant we didn't see much. The few excursions onto land we did were well worn paths that see 1000's of people per day (and thus not much wildlife). I did see deer, monkeys, monitor lizards, various birds, and some glimpses of dolphins.... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Khulna June 25th 2008

Heading from Kolkata towards the India/Bangladesh border, I kept asking myself what could go wrong. It was a morose way to be thinking, granted, but this was the third time i've planned to come to the country, and both of the previous times, something fell through. I started examining my visa in the back of the car, thinking it might have some kind of expiry problem. Meanwhile Seth snoozed next to me. He falls asleep in any moving vehicle. It's a gift, especially on this occasion, when it took us an hour and a half to get out of Kolkata; a city which, as much as i love it, has serious traffic issues. Our driver turned out to be slightly insane, which kept the journey interesting. He insisted on stopping for lunch at a small dhaba, ... read more
Rickshaws and Jackfruit, Khulna
Shait Gumbad Masjid, Bagerhat
Seth and Kids, Bagerhat

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