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Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka May 29th 2008

Today was my first full day in Dhaka, but I don’t know if you can call it that since I slept until 2:30PM, which in my defense is 4:30AM in New York. I also had not had a full night’s sleep since Sunday. I was very tired in Dubai and I know I usually do not cope so well with being very tired, yet I could not sleep because I could not get too comfortable in the vinyl lounge chairs they provided, clutching my heavy backpack, ignoring stares by people, and especially under the Persian sun. So my layover in Dubai was not particularly pleasant though I felt quite safe and it was plenty air-conditioned. My flight to Dhaka was nothing short of awesome. Coincidently (or not so?) I was seated next to the only ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka May 24th 2008

When I asked a travel agent in Bangkok for the cheapest flight to Kathmandu, he informed me of a flight with a one night lay over in Bangladesh. It was about $200 cheaper than any other flight so it was an easy decision.. I was going to Bangladesh! Before heading out to good ol' Bangladesh I succumbed to the constant offers to buy a suit, which I was so against doing when I first came to Bangkok. It was such a good deal that I had to buy two. Once I boarded the Bihman Airways flight I was startled by the 70's style floral pattern on all the seats. I was hoping that the plane wasn't as old as it appeared and that the Bengali's just had poor taste when decorating. Either way we arrived safely ... read more
Beautiful floral pattern on Bihman Air
intense eyes
The market

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka May 24th 2008

My trip to Bangladesh last December 2007. I landed in Chennai, India first, coming from my country and from there i went to Kolkata. Stayed only a day in each city then i flew to Dhaka on the mythical Biman ! First i had to spend nearly 10 hours in Kolkata airport as the (in)famous Biman announced some hours delay. A second announcement was made and while all passengers was about to say "ouf !", a sweet voice announced once more that we will have a small delay again ! WTF !!! We finally took-off at around 22:30 while the initial departure was scheduled at around 12:30. So i reached Dhaka a bit after midnight and went through immi and customs procedures. Backpack loaded on my shoulders, i made my way out to look for a ... read more
The Rocket

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka May 18th 2008

What do you think is the best way to see your own city in a new light? Participate in a crazy scavenger hunt to help celebrate your mate's birthday! Lori let us loose with cameras and a list of weird and wonderful items to source - go team!... read more
Task 2
Task 3
Task 8

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka April 12th 2008

Everything thinks their daily life is pretty boring (us included) but I always want to know details of how other people live so I thought maybe someone else might to... Here are a selection of photos from our life here in Dhaka. Warning: they are almost exclusively of us and our students so if you are not interested in our professional life, switch to another blog pronto!! ... read more
Oil spill
House painting Deshi style
Spending money

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka March 31st 2008

greetings from dhaka! here are some photos from our new school. enjoy!... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka March 27th 2008

hello there friends. its official--i have spent nearly 24 hours in our new country! for my spring holidays i decided to sneak a peek into the crystal ball and figure out why everyone is raving about dhaka. no...wait...i guess by everyone i mean me. and "raving" may not be the best choice of words. anyway, without getting into a semantic migrane, lets move on. i wanted to see what life was holding for jen and i next year. i wanted to visit the school. i wanted to visit my good friends justin and kelly. as a seasoned traveller i know that pinning all hope on first impressions is a terrible thing to do. however, i must say that this place, even though i could be on the surface of mars, really has a quirky laidback charm ... read more
american club
cee-ment pond

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka February 23rd 2008

Saturday night is drawing in and the back-to-work-tomorrow feeling is setting in, but for the meantime I'm going to explain what I/my parents and friends did this weekend. Thursday was Mother Language Day, which celebrates those who died trying to save the language of Bangla (a successful fight obviously), so we have had a 3 day weekend..not that it has felt like one! On Thursday I didn't do much..went for a ludicrously expensive (in taka terms) lunch with friends at the Westin, a v posh hotel not too far from our house..and then went to a friend's house to play a horse-racing game which is slightly complicated but it was fun especially as we ordered curry and all the works during it! My parents and I decided to go to Sonargaon on Friday, which was this ... read more
street in Sonargaon
back of a resting rickshaw, Sonargaon
getting stared at as usual..

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka February 21st 2008

Although living in Dhaka can be tough at times, there are some great things about it, for me. I fully realise some points in the list below can't be enjoyed by everyone in B'desh whether as a tourist or a resident, but there you have it. I'm well aware I'm incredibly lucky to be in this country and enjoy so much of it in ways many millions of people here can't due to not being British/white/able to earn a half-decent salary (I work at a local school and earn a local salary, but I know it's still more than the majority)/other factors I'm well aware of. I'm just trying to defend myself a bit here as I've had a few comments about this particular blog entry along the lines of how I sound elitist/prejudiced/patronising etc etc, ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka January 30th 2008

Blogger Bec Greetings everyone, Life trundles on over here in Dhaka, including getting a little older! I decided I needed a little lift so organised a fancy dress party with a P theme - oh the possibilities!!! My birthday celebration was one of the best I have ever had, extending to over a week! There was parties, dinners, shopping sprees, spa days and an almost unending stream of little pressies. I felt truly blessed and loved to be surrounded by such lovely people on my birthday. Til next time, Bec... read more
Pink Princess and her Prince
A Pink Princess and Punxsatawney Phil
A pyromaniac, Pink Princess and a Pregnant Punching Bag

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