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February 4th 2017
Published: May 6th 2017
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After arriving in Dhaka at 1am in the morning, I took a taxi to my hotel nearby.

Day 1: I spent the morning orientating myself, acquiring a sim card and getting some cash. I took a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas -- otherwise known as tuk-tuks in other countries).

I arrived at my new hotel (Al-Razza) located in Old Dhaka and in the heat of the day, I decided to rest. In the early evening I headed out and wandered around to get my bearings.

Day 2: I walked around Old Dhaka, soaking in the sights. Dhaka wakes up late with the streets relatively empty at 10am, but busy and noisy well past 2am. The streets were narrow and busy. Traffic was crazy and when walking around you had to be ever-present about not getting hit by vehicles going every-which way, not bumping into the many people and animals, watching not to walk into some dirty puddles or garbage strewn around, keeping an eye on belongings and watching for pick-pockets and once in a while looking up to make sure there wasn't some metal rod sticking out of a store at my head level. Suffice to say, a simple stroll around was busy and stressful.

I walked along the riverway, paid about $1 to get a short cruise around the river. Afterwards I took a CNG to the Dhaka fort for a more relaxed stroll in the gardens, before I headed back to my hotel for a quick shower.

In the evening I made my way to the bus station and caught an overnight bus to Sylhet.

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