Photos from Seki, Azerbaijan, Asia

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Albanian church of St Elisey, Nij
Palace of the Sheki Khans
Sunset over Sheki
Albanian Church of St Elisey, Nij
Sheki food market
Palace of the Sheki Khans
Juma Mosque, Shamakhy
Albanian church, Kiş
Palace of the Sheki Khans
Silk scarf making, Sheki
Stained glass window factory, Sheki
Juma Mosque, Shamakhy
Juma Mosque, Shamakhy
Butter making at Shamakhy
Lada car
Caravanseray, Sheki
Caravanseray, Sheki
Pitti in Sheki
Kish Albanian Church
Palace of the Shaki Khans
Thor Heyerdahl
Birthday feast
Çay Çay Çay, endless Çay
Vista from Gelersen-Görersen
Kiş River
Kiş village
Albanian church in Kiş
I looked at this stone slab and concluded it is real science
Şeki Karavanseray
Putting together the stained glass windows in the Xan Sarayi (Khan's Palace)
More stained-glass windows that Harrison Ford?
They're really cranking it up here!
Traditional band before palace fortress walls
Lahich High Street
Coppersmith in Lahich
Just a bit closer, dear!
Selfie in Kis valley near Lahich
Han Sarayi Sheki
The 'Albanian' church in Kish near Sheki
Ducks, chickens, rabbits and turkeys
Butcher in Sheki market
Hand washing in Sheki home stay
On the edge of the market at Tsnori, Georgia
Typical traffic in the Southern Caucasus
Passengers on the Saki marshrutka
Man with scythe!
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