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Asia » Azerbaijan » Ganja May 27th 2018

Travel agent "Good morning Simon. Another trip for us to arrange then.....what have you got in mind today?" Simon "Well, rather than me propose my latest plan, I was thinking that this time you could come up with something of interest." T.A. "What did you have in mind, and I'll work around your basic description?" Simon "A place where few tourists go, the cost of living is low, the building styles are worth 2 dozen photos at least, it is friendly, and the place name will make you smile" T.A. "In that case, I've got just the place for you, a few days and nights in Ganja, the second city of Azerbaijan. May I assume you've not been before?" Simon "You assume correctly Sir, could you possibly brief me further as to what I will be ... read more
Imamzadeh mosque; Azerbaijan
Lake Maralgol; Azerbaijan
Palace,Sheki; Azerbaijan

Asia » Azerbaijan » Ganja July 31st 2012

After the little France holiday I expected to be doing a bit of engineering work in Yorkshire for a while. However, two days after arriving back from Paris I was on the way to Azerbaijan for some more gold mine work. This wasn’t quite as unexpected as it sounds, I had already been offered the Azerbaijan work and I’d already gone through the rigmarole of acquiring the visa, I just didn’t expect to be going so soon - excessive rains leading to the postponement of a lot of construction work in the UK this summer. Similar to the Mexico blog a few blogs ago (which was another construction project on a gold mine), I don’t want to go into what I was doing too much – construction of a heap leach pad, a tailings dam and ... read more
Mine in the Background
First Night in Gedabay
Strangely Beautiful Pond of Gold-Filled Cyanide

Asia » Azerbaijan » Ganja August 18th 2011

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