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Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku July 13th 2008

So here is my first update from Azerbaijan. I am at the moment participating in an AEGEE-summer university in Baku, learning the Azeri language, which is related to Turkish. We are approx 13 participants and at least as many organizers from the universities in Baku. So let's begin, Baku, where East meets West, where Islam co-exists with capitalism and where Ladas and Mercedes fill the street. - And where a young and ignorant western girl such as myself CARS The first thing I noticed as I arrived in Baku was the noise. The streets are full of honking cars and police speaking in the microphones as they try to make cars pull into the side. It seems that car drivers will honk at anything; when they are about to turn a corner, when they stand still ... read more
People in the beach
Waving at the tourist

Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku July 8th 2008

It all changes in Azerbaijan - the weather improves and is bright and hot, and the people all wave and smile! I bush-camp the first night with some fellow travellers. That evening, a local couple pull up in a car and start talking to us in Russian and broken English. It turns out that they're archaeologists who have been living and working on a bornze-age site, not far away, for over 20 years. They tell us they'll come back the next morning and take us to it. As promised, they appear at breakfast and we follow them to their site. Not expecting much we were all completely astounded by the dig and the amount of work they had done on it. Afterwards, they take us to their tiny village for tea. EVERYBODY from the village turns ... read more
Maiden's Tower
Arabic arch

Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku May 8th 2008

I’ve recently returned from a quick and quirky trip to Azerbaijan in far Western Asia. A few snap shot impressions I managed to soak up during my brief visit are below. Overall, despite finding it somewhat aesthetically challenged, I felt it was a historically rich and interesting place, where the ex-Soviet empire meets Islam… a somewhat colourful collision… Impressions of Azerbaijan, or also known as “The Land of Fire”… Wind, wind and even more wind. Delicious rose tea served in large glass shot glasses, accompanied with sliced up Snickers bars. Elderly women in darkly coloured headscarves. Elderly men in flat beret style hats and smoking cigarettes. On that note… chain smokers. Everywhere. Grey skies and dodgy smelling water. Not much in the way of bright colours. Black soviet statues against grey skies. Very old car... read more
Our Soviet Jeep
Ships on the Caspian Sea
Waiting for Iranian Visas

Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku July 3rd 2007

This morning everyone left on the ferry to Aktau, Kazakhstan. My ferry ia due to leave in 5 hours (in Azerbaijan this reads 4 - 24 hours) so hopefully i can leave soon We had a few beers last night on the blustry dock and said our goodbyes this morning. I might see James again in Tadjikistan and Altan in Atrau but its goodbye to the rest and goodluck on your travels... read more
Doing laundry on a budget
Bye bye
bye bye campervan

Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku June 25th 2007

Day 8 After being eaten alive by mozies last night, I decided to take a trip out of Baku to the surrounding peninsula. It's an industial waste land from the oil production. But i managed to find my own little slice of paradise, after a couple of hours marshrukte hoping with only the vague idea that i wanted to try and find a beach on the north (and cleaner) side of the peninsula Baku is on. A completley deserted 5 star beach resort that i managed to talk my way onto, provided i didn't use the sun loungers or anything. Not that it mattered because there was apsolutley no one there except an old man fishing on the end of the pier. So i spent the rest of the day reading and getting a little ... read more

Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku May 16th 2007

Dagen foer dagen. I morgen tidlig dekkes frokostbordet paa Radisson SAS i Baku. Det roede, hvite og blaa flagget heises paa terrassen med utsikt over Det Kaspiske Hav, stemmebaandene renses og tonene proeves. Bordene vil bugne av roykelaks og andre norske herligheter, folk vil sikkert ha itrukket seg bunaden, tross sommervarmen, og alle slags norske dialekter vil summe oppstemt. Akkurat da vil Christine og Gisle sitte paa kaien i havneomraadet og vente paa en baat som kanskje skal gaa til Turkmenistan. Litt daarlig timing... Da vi satt hjemme og skulle planlegge visumdatoer for Turkmenistan var det noe symbolsk over aa krysse Det Kaspiske Hav paa nasjonaldagen. Hvordan kunne vi vite at Statoil Baku har for vane aa dra paa seg spanderbuksene og invitere alle med roede pass paa gratis 17.mai-gilde i toppetasjen paa SAS-hotellet? Bon ... read more

Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku August 20th 2006

So what is Azerbaijan all about? Well it is the Caucasus but in a Muslim way... This means they still are crazy and hospitable and you will be invited for vodka like elsewhere in these parts, only the amounts are slightly less and they do it less conspicuous. You won't see much in the way of women covering their hair or anything else obviously Islamic, the Soviets made sure of that during their time here. It is more secular than Turkey for instance and the people less religious... But still you won't see many people wearing shorts either, but that may just be a cultural thing. And what have I been doing, besides sampling the local cuisine and beer? Well I started off in Zaqatala staying in a motel with an ensuite bathroom, but without water, ... read more

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