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Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 7th 2015

July 7, 2015 – *Disclaimer – be warned that this entry has disgusting bodily functions mentioned* The train ride to Yerevan from Batumi went quite well, actually. I left the guesthouse at 2:30pm, giving myself an hour to get to the train station before my train left. It is about 25-30 mins, so it should be fine, right? Well, the traffic was crazy on my street and I had to wait about 10 minutes for the right number minivan to come by, and then we barely moved for a while. I was getting a little nervous, but of course it worked out fine. I gave my ticket and passport to the ladies checking and they studied it and studied it. I think one was learning the job, but not sure. Either way, we didn’t speak the ... read more
My seat/bed
View from train
View from train

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan February 21st 2015

These holidays are only a week long, and I have the feeling that it is impressive to see how much we could discover in a single week. So next stop, new country, we are for two days in Armenia. The train ride from Tbilisi to Yerevan takes 11 hours...for 280km only. There are only 4 cars, and in winter, it runs only one day out of two. I paid 30usd per person, so it is not the cheapest way to join the two capitals....but let's admit it, we love train rides! The train left and arrived on time, and we spent something like 2 or 3 hours just to cross the border in the middle of the night! The train was old, but it was pretty clean and comfortable...and we had the feeling there was close ... read more
Garni temple, on a gorgeous winter day...
It's testing time....10 years, 20 years a Dvin....rather nice!
BBQ...lamb, chicken and mushrooms...

Asia » Armenia December 28th 2014

سفر به دور دنیا با دوچرخه با بردن دوچرخه ها به ارمنستان با اتوبوس به همراه مامان و خواهرم شروع شد.تقریبا ۲۵ ساعت تا ایروان راه بود،تو اتوبوس ما با گروهی سخره نورد و یه پدر و دختر دوچرخه سوار آشنا شدم ،بعد از مدتی نرسیده به مرز باجگیران متوجه شدم اونا برای دوچرخه هاشون پولی به راننده ندادند و به من هم گفتند این همه پول برای دوچرخه زیاده و خلاصه بعد از کلی جر و بحث با شاگرد راننده که تلاش میکرد با احمق فرض کردن بنده این پول زور و ۳۰۰ هزار تومن بگیره راضی اشکزدم به ۲۰۰ بعد هم که رسیدیم لب مرز گفت باید د... read more

Asia » Armenia » North November 1st 2014

Armenia has 29,800km and 3 million people. It is the safest and easiest Caucasus countries to visit. Around 90% of the population belong to Apostolic church. The Muslim is rare. The Soviet Union invaded the country in1921 and ruled this country until 1990. When Stalin took over the power and the Armenia lived in fear and terror with tens thousands of Armenians were executed. During WW2 about 500,000 Armenian out of 1.4 million population were mobilised and 175,000 of them died in the war. When Stalin died in 1953 Nikita Khruschev became a new leader of the Soviet Union, then the life of Armenia began better. The country regained independence on 8-23-1990 after Gorbachev 's reform began. Trong thang 10-2014 toi du dinh di Qatar va Bahrain nhung vi dich Ebola xay ra vung West Africa ... read more
Truoc train station
Train station

Asia » Armenia August 22nd 2014

Geo: 40.1847, 44.5101GI Joe is known for doing good, constantly battling the evil forces of Cobra to prevent them from taking over and enslaving the World. So why would I want to do battle with him? Well, I didn't really want to, but today I got sucked into a conflict with his evil Armenian stepbrother, GI Ardia, AKA Giardia. Where GI Joe has morals and stands for all that is good in the World, GI Ardia is one mean, sick mofo who will kick your ass at the drop of a single speck of water from Armenia's countless water fountains.Though you see Armenians drinking from these fountains all the time, the guide book warned against following suit, as quite often the water is unfiltered and can contain GI Ardia. I've completely avoided the water fountains, but ... read more
The Ararat Brandy Factory
The Peace Barrel ...
Lucky Boris Yeltsin ...

Asia » Armenia August 19th 2014

Geo: 40.5475, 44.9557The concept of a secret restaurant - it sounds like a viral marketing campaign straight out of the Twitterverse, something that is definitely plausible in this day and age of pop up restaurants. But tonight's dinner at a secret location didn't quite come about in that manner, though its origins did lie in the big bad world of the Internet. It wasn't me that discovered the place, but Ivan, a fellow traveler from Milan.I really don't know how he managed to hear about this place, even though he claimed to have found it on TripAdvisor. My subsequent Internet searches yielded nothing, so I suspect finding a restaurant this hidden and this good could only have been accomplished through connections to an Armenian secret society, or by overhearing talk of the place in hushed tones ... read more
Sevanavank Monastery ...
Used to Be An Island, Now a Peninsula ...
This Is All We Had Time For At Lake Sevan

Asia » Armenia August 18th 2014

Geo: 40.1793, 44.5102Organizing tours in Armenia has been a bust so far - rather than spend a lot of time and effort moving from place to place in the country, the strategy was pretty much basing myself out of Yerevan and do tours around Armenia. But there was one problem - Envoy's tours are contingent on minimum numbers, and today's planned tour fell through. It sounded great when I tried to make the booking, with tonight supposed to be a home stay in a village, followed by some time at Lake Sevan tomorrow, before returning to Yerevan in the evening. So this all meant that I had an extra day to kill in Yerevan - not the worst thing, as there are more than enough cafes around town to keep me busy, as well as a ... read more
Man and His Mask
Long Point Lighthouse
The Man Himself

Asia » Armenia August 17th 2014

Geo: 40.1793, 44.5102Former Soviet Republics are typically ugly, particularly in the larger cities, where any buildings built by the Soviets were intended to only be functional, and nothing else. It's not that the aesthetics were merely secondary, it's that they don't seem to have been considered at all! Big, blocky concrete monstrosity after monstrosity - that's the stereotypical image of former Soviet cities, and you will definitely find these here in Yerevan. That's no surprise, but what was pleasantly surprising today was some of the beautiful Soviet-style architecture we found in central Yerevan.Locals say that Yerevan is the most un-Soviet city anywhere, and that appears to be true, largely due to the work of Alexander Tamanian, the architect mostly responsible for how Yerevan looks today. While the Soviet influences are obvious, it seems that Tamanian t ... read more
Pavillon de The by Joana Vasconcelos
Prancing Deer
Yerevan's Famous Rose Man ...

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan August 10th 2014

Niedzielę zaczęliśmy od wizyty w meczecie. W Erewaniu działa tylko jeden; odbudowany i zarządzany przez Irańczykow. Nazywa się Blue Mosque i miałam nadzieję, że będzie przypominał choć trochę struktury z Esfahanu. ale choć leży na cichym dziedzińcu z (suchą) fontanną, to brak w jego wykonaniu delikatności i finezji spotykanych w Iranie. Bardziej wygląda na wersje soc-real. Po drugiej stronie ulicy jest centrum handlowe, które kiedyś było lokalnym bazarem i ono juz ma bardziej dystyngowana konstrukcje. W ogóle z bazarami w Erewaniu jest średnio, w centrum tylko sklepy spożywcze albo ewentualnie duże warzywniaki, czasami zdarza sie na rogu babcia sprzedająca jabłka z wiadra, ale nie zaobserwowalam nic z naszej kultury straganu zieleniaka. Z meczetu pojechaliśmy na weekendowy pchli targ o dumnej nazwie Vernissage. Mam jeszcze w pamięci taki targ (i kupione... read more
Zakupy! Obrus ma 3,20m!
Bardzo pchli targ.

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan August 9th 2014

W sobotę rano wyruszyliśmy na podbój reszty kraju. Punktem pierwszym było jezioro Sevan - jedyna większa woda w Armenii, źródło narodowej dumy, weekendowa destynacja, generator korków. Genialni inżynierowie sowieccy mieli pomysł, zeby liczące 1416 km kwadratowych powierzchni jezioro w znacznej mierze osuszyć, na brzegach posadzić drzewa owocowe i jednocześnie zwiększyć - w zmniejszonym akwenie - produkcję ryb. Szykowała sie katastrofa ekologiczna na miarę Morza Aralskiego, które praktycznie przestało istnieć. Tu jednak jakimś cudem - po śmierci Stalina i z braku środków - udało sie projekt przerwać po obniżeniu poziomu wody o 20 metrów. Teraz trwają prace, żeby wody znów było więcej. W wyniku tych zabiegów, Monastyr Savanavank, ktory kiedyś był na wyspie, teraz leży na półwyspie, malowniczo wcinając sie w jezioro. U jego podnóża udało si... read more
Kartoszki na Versace
Cmentarzysko Noratus.

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