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October 2nd 2009
Published: October 2nd 2009
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I finally found a computer that would allow me to actually see the pictures before posting. I am sorry if you got this message twice. Today, I had a problem in that the language was in Georgian. It took me awhile to figure out what to do.

Additional photos below
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Kartlis Deda/Mama GeorgiaKartlis Deda/Mama Georgia
Kartlis Deda/Mama Georgia

This white statue sits high above the city. She has a cup of wine in one hand to represent hospitality and a sword in the other to show that she is ready to defend her land.

Skewers of lamb, veal, beef mixed and threaded on a metal skewer roasted over wood coals
Marshrutka - minivanMarshrutka - minivan
Marshrutka - minivan

Main mode of transportation between cities in E. Europe
Two Armenian TeensTwo Armenian Teens
Two Armenian Teens

These girls wanted to practice their German with Walt.
rough walkingrough walking
rough walking

Many broken steps make it hard to walk- GA
Gas Lines in YerevanGas Lines in Yerevan
Gas Lines in Yerevan

It shocked us to see these lines running above the ground.
Business Where You Place BetsBusiness Where You Place Bets
Business Where You Place Bets

You could bet on hockey, tennis, football, etc. They had many signs in front.
Walkway Under a Busy StreetWalkway Under a Busy Street
Walkway Under a Busy Street

When you walk under the street, you find many small tables with goods for sale.

2nd October 2009

I'm so blessed to be on your blog list. You're taking me places I'll never visit. Thankyou for the pictures and keep having a wonderful trip!
2nd October 2009

Everette, I love your blog! The pictures are great, and I am learning so much! Almost feel as though I am there. Have fun and be careful. Love, Maggie
5th October 2009

Loved the market and limes pix. Know you are enjoying your trip. I just returned from a wedding in Arkansas and visit with my friend. Leaving Friday for the beach for fall break. Tell Walt I know why he wanted to help the teenagers practice their German! Didn't know if you knew Jeanne Coleman died very suddenly on Thursday. Heard it may have been acute leukemia which she didn't know she had. Was in the hospital only 2 days. So sad. Missing you both. Weather here has been beautiful but is cool and rainy today. R
6th October 2009

I am at my daughter's inMN.but still enjoying your stories and pictures. It is much colder here than in Florida My son-in-law is watching Monday Night football The internet says that the US has gone down to 13 in UN rating of nations. Norway, Australia, and one other are rated top places to live in World.
7th October 2009

What a show!
I know that this is quite different from actually being there, but it's an insite to the other side of the world. Thanks for sharing. All's well on our street. See you soon. Be safe.
8th October 2009

I'm really enjoying YOUR trip. Almost feel like I'm there. Have forwarded the Armenian ones to my daughter-in-law who sent them to her father in California who came from Armenia. They are thrilled to see them!!!

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