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Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan September 18th 2023

Hotel Lavash by Lake Sevan was a great place to stay. The lake lapped at pebbles on the little beaches, bulrushes waved gracefully in the breeze, swarms of tiny dark fishes seethed around the stems of the rushes and coots, rails, cormorants and a little grebe pottered everywhere. Also the centrepiece of the complex was an Armenian restaurant with a huge menu of local dishes. I particularly enjoyed the horse sorrel and lentil soup, the barbecued mushroom and a fine salad of cabbage, carrot and onion laced with dill pickle. Also good was the breakfast porridge with conserved berries various and the omelettes. We sketched and pottered off in the car to visit some sights. But generally just took it easy and enjoyed the place. Today we moved on to the Debed Canyon to stay in ... read more

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan September 17th 2023

Day 11 Armenia Hanging Out at Lake Sevan When we first arrived at our hotel / chalet accommodation last night I felt a little deflated. We’ve booked for three nights here, and the quiet remoteness of Nature Rooms has set a high standard. Driving is such a challenge in Armenia when you are used to consistent road surfaces and the Highway Code. Here, a smooth bit of tarmac for 20kms can change, without warning, into a deeply gouged mud bath where other drivers are still trying to overtake you ...... as on coming traffic is doing the same. And our Lavash Tearooms accommodation is only 50m from the main Yerevan Highway, so the traffic noise is a constant reminder that we’ll be out on another road trip adventure soon. But this morning I feel a change ... read more
Painting by the lake
Pomegranate Man
Sevanank Ancient Churches

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan September 16th 2023

The eco house was charming, set on a hillside up a long, winding, steep and very dodgy dirt track. There were wonderful views over the Diljan valley and I was able to wander happily in the meadowland surrounding the house, finding blue chicory, lemon yellow mallows and scabious, yellow rattle,knapweed and orange fritillarybutterflies. The owner lives ina house below and told us she is a trained teacher but works for the community...runs art activities for children Ithink. In the afternoon we drove to our next stop, Lavash hotel on the shores of Lake Sevan. It consists of terraced sets of bungalows with verandahs, a bar, a restaurant, and other rooms overlooking the lake - and what a lake. It goes on forever. Blue, blue water in the sunshine. Great clumps of swaying reeds by the shore ... read more

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan September 14th 2023

We stayed two nights in Goris in the clouds, rain and mist. Once a watery sun peered through, but only once. That was a bit sad as the guidebook suggests there are breath taking views to be seen. In the rain we walked to see the Museum of Bukants house, a famous Armenian writer. It reminded us of visiting the museum in Tusson in the Charente where there are similar rooms and household objects. The rain stopped so We did then visit the amazing rock pinnacles with caves that were habitations from medieval to recent times. It was a good walk out from the town. We were adopted by a small dog all the way. He just seemed to want company. No begging for food. During our travels here so far we have encountered many stray ... read more

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan June 25th 2018

Lovely day of driving through beautiful colourful landscape and stopping at interesting sights. First stop, at the top of a high winding pass was a Caravansary from the 13th century. Very well preserved and not renovated, had a feeling f old-world and long history. What a route though high up on this mountain pass in bad weather with camels laden with wares. Coming down from the pass there is the huge Lake Sevan, it's the largest lake in the Caucasus mountains and sits at an elevation of 1,900m. The first stop was Noratus cemetery which has hundreds of the local intricately carved memorial stones (khachkar), some of which date from ancient times. Bumped into a British/Polish couple here that we have now met in all 3 countries, including staying at the same guest house in Sighnaghi ... read more
Scenery en-route
Noratus cemetery
inside Hayravanak monastery

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan August 9th 2014

W sobotę rano wyruszyliśmy na podbój reszty kraju. Punktem pierwszym było jezioro Sevan - jedyna większa woda w Armenii, źródło narodowej dumy, weekendowa destynacja, generator korków. Genialni inżynierowie sowieccy mieli pomysł, zeby liczące 1416 km kwadratowych powierzchni jezioro w znacznej mierze osuszyć, na brzegach posadzić drzewa owocowe i jednocześnie zwiększyć - w zmniejszonym akwenie - produkcję ryb. Szykowała sie katastrofa ekologiczna na miarę Morza Aralskiego, które praktycznie przestało istnieć. Tu jednak jakimś cudem - po śmierci Stalina i z braku środków - udało sie projekt przerwać po obniżeniu poziomu wody o 20 metrów. Teraz trwają prace, żeby wody znów było więcej. W wyniku tych zabiegów, Monastyr Savanavank, ktory kiedyś był na wyspie, teraz leży na półwyspie, malowniczo wcinając sie w jezioro. U jego podnóża udało sie jeszcze wcisnąć dom pracy twórczej radziecki... read more
Kartoszki na Versace
Cmentarzysko Noratus.

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan January 25th 2014

Hello, and welcome to Tsaghkadzor....yes, you heard it Tsaghkadzor, and if that proves too enigmatic, then feel free to try its alternative name Tsakhkadzor. Well, as ski resorts go, they surely don't come much more shrouded in mystery than this gem tucked away in rural Armenia, but scratch the surface, and the charms of this little-known-to-the-outside-world resort town might hopefully reveal its teeth in appealing ways. Roughly a 50-minute ride from the Armenian capital city of Yerevan, Tsaghkadzor is Armenia's only developed ski resort, and an enclave of hotels to represent most rungs of the luxury scale, sewn together with a few bits and pieces which make up the urban fabric. The town's man-made centrepiece is the appealing allure of Kechar... read more
Beautiful church (Tsaghkadzor; Armenia)
The piste (Tsaghkadzor; Armenia)
A wintry display (Tsaghkadzor; Armenia)

Asia » Armenia » East » Sevan July 5th 2013

Armenia - is one of the few countries where is still possible to see a truly unique historical monuments of world-class in the privacy and quiet. Because only in such way - being one-on-one with the history, you can feel her mysterious breath. This is a country of mysteries and legends, clean air and clear tinkling streams. But also, Armenia - is an open air museum. This is difficult not to agree with such statement, because in Armenia there are architectural and historical monuments of different eras, from primitive society to modern era. ... read more

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