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October 18th 2009
Published: November 19th 2009
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Dance Dance like a rockstar!!
August 2nd 2009

Back from a well relaxed HLTA. I was actually looking forward to coming back as I was getting a little bored on vacation. So what do I do as soon as I get back? Go to a Dutch party of course!!! The Dutch has the reputation for throwing the best rave party in KAF. For a moment there I almost forgot where I was! Yes it was THAT good!

Famous people!!!

Words has it that Finger 11 are coming to perform on the boardwalk. Other famous people? Guy Lafleur and Patrick Cote will be in town.

ALMOST DONE!!!'s almost over...I'm sad and relieved at the same time. I met so many great people since I got back and it's hard to realise that...this is only temporary. But yet I'm looking forward to coming home, eat comfort food, drive my car, see my friends and be with my family who is missing me and was so patient with me all this time.

Medal ceremony, Oh yeaaaa...I too get a medal. A beautiful general's service medal with my name on it.

October 18, 2009


I could
Photo 7Photo 7Photo 7

Getting my well deserved medal
finally close another chapter in my life.

My experience at Kandahar Airfield is an adventure I would never forget. I guess what I miss the most is not having to cook for myself, not having to do my own laundry, late night movies with my fellow Canadian military friends, late night chat over coffee with friends I just met on the boardwalk and believe it or not, listening to my roommate yapping about her life full of drama. This journey gave me a heads up on what it is like living in a conflicted country.

Even though I was not allowed to leave base, reality of war hits us hard when we either have to go to a ramp ceremony to enduring rocket attacks.

Some people found love, some... lust, many found friendship; but now it is nothing but a distant memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going. No matter where I find myself, what I do, I live in the moment. Go do what you’ve always wanted to accomplished, never regret anything, use common sense, go explore the world but keep one thing in mind;
Photo 12Photo 12Photo 12

It's so beautiful...sniff..sniff...

stay real.

Peace out.

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With Guy Lafleur
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Photo 5

With Patrick Cote (UFC)
Photo 6Photo 6
Photo 6

Finger 11 concert
Photo 14Photo 14
Photo 14

Michaëlle Jean - Governor General of Canada
Photo 9Photo 9
Photo 9

My Birthday present made by my dear friend Patrick
Photo 15Photo 15
Photo 15

Sleeping is a privilege in KAF
Photo 10Photo 10
Photo 10

going to war
Photo 11Photo 11
Photo 11

Never sleep with your sunglasses on people!!!
Photo 12Photo 12
Photo 12

At the airfield
Photo 13Photo 13
Photo 13

Borrowing Marty's hat ;)
Photo 12Photo 12
Photo 12

Last goodbye
Photo 16Photo 16
Photo 16

I love sunset

14th December 2009

that uneven tan is priceless though. i gotta tell u the fake smile only made it worse lol

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