Photos from North, Afghanistan, Asia

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massive scenery
on board "Randy Andy"...
pleased with his play
buzkashi - fast and furious
Elderly Wakhi lady - Afghanistan
Beautiful views near Kizkut - Afghanistan
Stone bridge crossed during our hike - near Sargaz, Afghanistan
Goat herder - near Sargaz, Afghanistan
My guide, Hameed - Afghanistan
Wind, rain and dirt batter Ishkashim - Afghanistan
Coloured field in the Wakhan - Afghanistan
Our host for tea in Dogornun - Afghanistan
Common room in Dogornund - Afghanistan
Pushing the broken Landcruiser to higher ground - Afghanistan
Trying to start from an incline - Afghanistan
Herd of goats and sheep - Wakhan, Afghanistan
Fields in village of Izyk - Afghanistan
Gurgling creek in Qala Ouest - Afghanistan
Village elder of Qala Ouest - Afghanistan
Young mother and child - Qala Ouest, Afghanistan
Love the eyes on this cute girl - Qala Ouest, Afghanistan
The bridge in Sargaz - Afghanistan
Carrying goods in the near Sargaz - Afghanistan
Hameed stands atop the ruined village - Afghanistan
The village of Kizkut - Afghanistan
Girl of Kizkut - Afghanistan
Boy who escorted me to Kizkut - Afghanistan
Young girl and sibling - Kizkut, Afghanistan
A face that tells a hard life - Kizkut, Afghanistan
Village elder at Kizkut, Afghanistan
Car maintenance beneath the clouds - Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan
I made it! In front of Mt Baba Tangi - Sargaz, Afghanistan
The 6,513 metre Mt Baba Tangi - Sargaz, Afghanistan
Plenty to buy here - Ishkashim, Afghanistan
Smiling Afghan man - Ishkashim, Afghanistan
Hazizullah, the friendly clothes seller - Ishkahsim, Afghanistan
Police in Ishkahsim - Afghanistan
A marmot
Sarfiroz and his son, Sang Nawishta
A girl, Sang Nawishta
Milking, Sang Nawishta
Girls, Sang Nawishta
Sang Nawishta
The village of Warm did not live up to its name
Donkey and yak caravan returning from the Pamir
... and not at the top!
Rock formations near Baraq
Scenery between Sarhad and Badge Goz
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