Photos from North, Afghanistan, Asia

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massive scenery
on board "Randy Andy"...
pleased with his play
buzkashi - fast and furious
A marmot
Sarfiroz and his son, Sang Nawishta
A girl, Sang Nawishta
Milking, Sang Nawishta
Girls, Sang Nawishta
Sang Nawishta
The village of Warm did not live up to its name
Donkey and yak caravan returning from the Pamir
... and not at the top!
Rock formations near Baraq
Scenery between Sarhad and Badge Goz
Another "don't look down" shot
Scenery between Sarhad and Badge Goz
Scenery between Sarhad and Badge Goz
When walking on paths like this...
Marco Polo sheep horns on the roof of a house in a village in Warmdih
One of the yurts at Karchynd
The old Badakhshi man from Karchynd
A yak near the Akbilis Pass
The roof of the world: crossing a high pass in late August with Badakhshi traders
Sign on the window of the vehicle I hitched a lift in from Sarhad to Ishkashim
The words "Don't look down" take on a whole new meaning
Scenery in between Sarhad and Badge Goz
Scenery in the Chpodkis area
Another one of the Badakhshi traders we met on the way back to Sarhad
The Badakhshi trader whose cut hand I treated
Tea on the mountainside with the Badakhshi traders on our way back to Sarhad
Collecting dung for fires in Warmdih
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