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A modo suo il mio vicino di volo, che grazie a un intuito fuori dal comune aveva capito che non sono proprio iraniano, aveva provato a dirmelo. A Teheran, se avessi dovuto incontrare mai problemi sarebbero stati dovuti al traffico. La città, almeno nella zona dove alloggio, è attraversata da larghe strade a tre corsie ma non è chiaro il loro senso di percorrenza. La maggior parte è sicuramente a senso unico ma sono così tanti ad andare contromano da rendere difficile capire in quale direzione dovrebbe muovere il traffico. I taxi e le automobili più piccole, dal clacson decisamente facile, si fanno strada tra camion, furgoni biciclette e carri tirati a mano. Gli autisti si sporgono dai finestrini per comunicarsi con ampi gesti dove e come si supereranno. Per fortuna che è una zona a ... read more

Antarctica » Temp July 7th 2013

Lisbon may not have the allure of Paris for romantics, Milan for fashionistas, or Vienna for musicians, but it's the oldest city in western Europe and that alone warrants attention from any traveler. Our decision to visit this city on the sea was somewhat accidental. Kristina was on a 3-week mission trip to Ghana and we didn't want to waste her long trek across the Pond, so I chose to meet her in Europe and make a vacation of it. Unfortunately, July is peak season for tourism on this continent, which entails high prices. To cut costs, we looked for the cheapest city to fly into Europe and behold, Lisbon was the answer. Little did we know this would prove to be an excellent choice. My 10-hour flight across the lake found me at a pitstop ... read more
Rossio Square
Pasteis da nata
Praca Luis do Camoes

Antarctica April 27th 2013

This is absolutely going be the hardest blog post to write. In all of the places we've been in the last 11-months there has always been some sort of relatable experience to compare it to. I have never wanted to tell someone about someplace so much but be at such a loss for words to describe it, or have as many pictures I want to share that won't do it a bit of justice! So please enjoy all of the photos at the end. As Sky mentioned in our last post there was only one female spot available as a last minute trip so the decision was made that I would head out to Antarctica while Sky went fishing. I felt quite guilty taking this opportunity solo, plus after spending 24/7 together for the previous 9 ... read more
Safety First
Leaving Ushuaia

Antarctica » Antarctica » Zhong Shan Station April 19th 2013 stephen stills... read more

Antarctica » Temp April 16th 2013

It's been a while since my last blog and I'm afraid this one won't be too exciting. I've been taking it easy, haven't done much since January! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. I spent Easter sunday cooking a roast lunch with Jackie, Aunty Denise and Uncle Leon. It was really lovely to spend the day with some family and see a few who I haven't seen for a while! Recently I went and spent the day in Stratford-upon-Avon, better known as the birthplace of Shakespeare. It is about a 2hour train ride from London so it was quite a long day but well worth it. The weather is starting to warm up so we had a cool day, with a little bit of rain in the late afternoon which I guess wasn't too ... read more
Anne Hathaway's house
Me :)

Antarctica February 25th 2013

Antarctia was on my bucket list and I am glad that we had the opportunity to visit it. It is a continent of white and black, quickly changing weather, massive icebergs, plentiful wild life in the form of penguins, seals, whales and birds, no permanent human residents. You are the visitor. I have previously posted a number of pictures from places we visited, these were posted from my mini-computer so it was tough looking at a small image to know if I had selected the best pictures to present our experience. The accompanying pictures show some of the beauty of this last unexplored continent.... read more
Chinstrap Penguins

Antarctica February 22nd 2013

Former Whaling Station --- Tuesday, January 29, 2013 The weather is terrible today as we disembark for a former whaling station that was used by 13 nations and abandoned at the time of the First World War. The station sits upon an active volcano. If you put your hand into the water and scratch away a couple of inches of gravel you will have to pull your hand back quickly, it is so hot. The large tanks in the picture may remind you of the large storage tanks for fuel. They were used to store whale oil, so this will give you some idea of the number of whales that were killed; this was only one of several whaling stations in Antarctic at the turn of the century.... read more
Machinery to turn whale blubber into whale oil
Tanks to hold whale oil

Antarctica » Antarctica February 20th 2013

Like a crocodile with dwarfism, I shall attempt to make this fairly short and snappy. I am writing this on the 19th of February. By now I have completed not only my Antarctic cruise but also my hike around Torres del Paine, and I am keen to get you all up to date before I head off for the next big adventure: Africa! In my previous posts I really concentrated on the various landings that we made in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica itself, so it’s about time I gave you a bit more of the people perspective, as I met some great people and some great characters on the boat. First though, one more wildlife experience, which happened in Antarctica after we had landed at Petermann Island. When we got back into the ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica February 15th 2013

The White Continent. On The Ice. Antarctica. Whatever you refer to it as, there is no denying the pull that Antarctica can have on a person, way more when you are counting down the days to actually getting there. We left South Georgia as bad weather set in, and had heard stories of boats recently not being able to reach some areas around the peninsula due to the amount of ice. In fact, one ship had become stuck several days before hand and an ice breaker had to be sent to break them free. Hopefully this was not a fate that awaited us. Our first stop was Elephant Island, the location where Shackleton’s men had waited for his return for several months under two overturned lifeboats. Ironically, the spot is in fact marked by a statue, ... read more
Elephant Island
A white Chinstrap Penguin

Antarctica February 15th 2013

Port Lockroy – Neko Harbour --- Monday, January 28, 2013 The Fram did have a stop yesterday Sunday but the rain and snow were heavy and we decided to take it easy and not risk my camera getting too wet. There was a small boat tour around the icebergs in the Lemaire Channel that would take people closer to sites, but it was so wet and windy that 2 of the people that went their cameras no longer work. Port Lockroy is a former British base that has been restored to its former state in the 1950’s. It also has a post office and a store, so it is the most visited spot in the Antarctic. The British have formed a trust to try and restore former bases to former state; the store is one of ... read more

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