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Antarctica October 3rd 2015

It was a long way home. But it's always lovely to be back. At least I didn't have the restlessness of itchy feet when I finally arrive home :-)... read more

Antarctica August 27th 2015

This was my last hiking circuit of my holiday. I had to wait a few days for the weather to clear, then I started as a few late drizzle showers were clearing. Next morning was fine, with an early-season dusting of snow on the higher tops. The sky developed a patchy pattern that evoked the old rhyme Mackerel sky, mackerel sky never quite wet, never quite dry. And that's how it was for the next few days - but a couple of drizzle patches and overnight showers never really tested the raincoat. However the persistent-intermittent clag that bothered the higher peaks meant that, while it was perfect, cool, late-summer tramping weather, the 3 000m plus peaks near the track were a different story. Twice I tried to climb a couple, but each time, I was sent ... read more
'The first hut appeared out of the mist...'
Looking down to Innsbrucker Hut

Antarctica August 17th 2015

Guess who I met on the track? sex: male age: 12 years hair: brown eyes: yellow Height 1.7m... read more
second mugshot
third mugshot

Antarctica August 14th 2015

I'll just add photos from now on - I'm too far behind to do the text - unless it rains for a few days...... read more
Old Fort at Vilnius
Island castle at Trakai
Another view of the Island castle

Antarctica April 30th 2015

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any actually unicorns to be found anymore, except on that one Noah’s Arc game I used to play at Godfather’s pizzeria when I didn’t like pizza, and in The movie The Last Unicorn which I watched in the theaters and first realized that a unicorn was not, in fact, a Thanksgiving decoration. And so I’m not talking about finding a real live unicorn (though I reserve the right to still look every now and again), I’m talking about that which we think cannot be attained. Isn’t that what a bucket list is, anyway? And just like that game I used to play, every now and again, you get the Unicorn, and bring it back to Noah’s Arc just in time, and it’s possible to imagine a whole new world, one that ... read more

Antarctica April 14th 2015

I’ve noticed the older I get the more fear I collect. When I was younger, jumping off a cliff into water was fun. Now it sounds terrifying. I remember my brother and I used to freak my mom out by standing too close to the railing of hotel room balconies. She would tell us to step back, her knees were shaking. I laughed then. I get it now. So many of the things I used to want to do when I was younger like skydiving, bungee jumping, or more cliff diving, I now have no desire to do. Fear has taken over. But one thing I still want to do, and I believe, right now, I am not too afraid to do, is take a hot air balloon ride. I’m not sure why I haven’t developed ... read more

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