True to its Name: Penguin Island

March 5th 2008
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Chinstrap Penguin
North of the Antarctic Peninsula, near King George Island, we made our first landing. Had I seen ANY wildlife, no matter the quantity, or species, I would have been happy. Penguin Island did not disappoint us. We saw two (or three) seal species, a Southern Giant Petrel with a chick, and a colony of Chinstrap penguins.

Sadly, the first sight upon landing was a number of whale vertebra. It was a reminder that we were entering territory that used to be replete with whales. During our cruise we would struggle to catch a glimpse of any whale species.

Penguin Island is the creation of a volcanic eruption. We hiked to the top of the crater and around its rim. A glance inside the volcanic crater revealed a caldera from a later eruption. The ground was covered with scoria and the plant life consisted of lichen and a few Antarctic flowers.

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But Where's the Snow?But Where's the Snow?
But Where's the Snow?

Penguins and seals in their places, but one thing is missing to make this an "authentic" Antarctica shot. Photo courtesy of J
All Tucked in for NaptimeAll Tucked in for Naptime
All Tucked in for Naptime

Chinstrap Penguin
Where's My Assistant?Where's My Assistant?
Where's My Assistant?

I shouldn't have to do this scratching myself. Photo courtesy of J
A Caldera Inside a Volcanic CraterA Caldera Inside a Volcanic Crater
A Caldera Inside a Volcanic Crater

For all the earth science enthusiasts out there! Photo courtesy of R
Blurry Antarctic FlowerBlurry Antarctic Flower
Blurry Antarctic Flower

Pearlwort or Starwort? This was my ONLY shot of this specimen...sorry!

5th March 2008

I love the photos - those penguins are so cute! I can't believe how much traveling you've done. You're incredible :)
5th March 2008

Sara - These pictures are absolutly amazing. I feel like I am right there with you.
6th March 2008

Sara: Wonderful photos. Thanks for sending them.
6th March 2008

Fantastic pictures
Just wanted to also say what great pictures these are. You must have had a such a great time. There are some really good Antarctica travel photos on the adventure travel website and they also run a photo competition so might be worth entering!
6th March 2008

Thanks so much
Thanks, Sara, for the wonderful travel accounts. At least I can travel vicariously with you. I am enjoying it so much. Esther
6th March 2008

Sara, qué linda experiencia, qué lindas fotos! Felicitaciones a los dos por el viaje, y mucha suerte.
6th March 2008

Great stuff!
Love the photos and the update! I continue to be impressed with your fun, adventurous spirit!
7th March 2008

Sara, Great pictures with this update and the last! We've loved hearing about all your travels and Antarctica is extra cool (no pun intended :) Keep them coming!
9th March 2008

Hey Sara! Great to read your Antarctica-stories and see your pictures! Beso, Lizan
11th September 2008

Penguins are Jackasses
Well that's what some of them are called in South Africa near Boulder just outside of Cape Town. I think they bray like a donkey, but I didnt hear much of that... Ur pix are stunning. Nice work. What cam u got? (please respond to

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