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July 26th 2008
Published: August 6th 2008
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My first English wedding took place this weekend in Stratford -upon-Avon - Shakespeare’s country. OK, OK, I admit it, it's only half English - Terry is an Aussie, but Jai is definitely an English rose (who once got asked out by Russell Brand!).

It was lovely, and I got to wear a hat - which was fun. (although there was a disappointing number of hats among the 'English' half of the guests).

The 'wedding festival' was an extravaganza. Brigid and I drove down on Friday night to meet the 'advance crew' at the hostel which was hired in its entirely for the Saturday night to accommodate the wedding party, with the ceremony to take place in the grounds. We had a delicious diner in the pub across the road, staying there until the staff pretty much threw us out.

It was shortly thereafter that I realised my 'great mistake'. Yes - it appears I have truly left my backpacker roots behind - I forgot to bring a towel! I know, I know rookie error. So the next morning we headed into town for a coffee and towel run (turns out I was not the only one), getting back
Terribly EnglishTerribly EnglishTerribly English

A hat and everything....
in time to beautify ourselves for canapés and fruit cocktails on the lawn (Terry figured the Aussies at the wedding would not be able to pace themselves for the extravaganza he and Jai had planned, so they would do it for us) before the ceremony. Terry wore some of the slickest shoes I have even seen (although, in an uncharacteristic oversight, I do not appear to have taken a picture of them) and the weather was perfect (there had been some disturbing talk about rain after we had just had one of the hottest weeks in London yet - but luckily the weather reports in the UK are rarely accurate, so blue sky it was).

The ceremony was lovely - very relaxed. Jai was beautiful, there were a few (well controlled) tears) and lots of love!! Jai has lots of musical friends so they sang some tunes - beautiful. Then it was time for champers on the lawn and congratulations to the bride and groom (who were, in fact, already married - the rule in the UK is that you can't get married outside - it has to be in a consecrated place - like a church - or a registry).

Then Terry got out the airhorn to signal dinnertime. We made our way into the marquee to be greeted to an amazing site - it was decked out like a Moroccan tent, with carpets on the floor, low tables with piles of cushions to sit on and snazzy lights. It looked fantastic!

We were treated to a Moroccan feast (the food was truly delicious) and some great wine (especially the red).

After dinner - a surprise - Elvis entered the building!!! Yes - Terry and Jai had arranged an Elvis impersonator to put on a show and he certainly got the guests grooving - then and well into the night.

The next day, the carpets had been pulled onto the lawn, newspapers provided (what a great touch) and we breakfasted on tea, coffee and pastries, relaxed on the lawn and then were treated to lunch. What a great event!

Congratulations Jai and Terry!

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The vowsThe vows
The vows

Jai carefully not crying
Jai Jai

The glowing bride
Jai and BrigidJai and Brigid
Jai and Brigid

lead the way to dinner
Great wineGreat wine
Great wine

Gadriel cannot quite believe how great

To the bride and groom
Groovin' away Groovin' away
Groovin' away

Twist some more, like we did last summer

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