Photos from Antarctica, Antarctica - page 9

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More whale bones
Blue Whale bones
Cormorant Juvenilles
Blue eyed Shag (cormorant)
Vitamin C
Taking a bath (museum)
Game of Fidopoly in the Museum
Museum clothes and painting
Recipe in Port Lockroy Museum
Recipe in Port Lockroy Museum
Port Lockroy Museum
Port Lockroy on Goudier Island
Snowy Sheathbill
On the ship
Humpback Fluke
Peguin Highways
Perspective of the colony
Tootling Gentoo
Handsome Gentoo
Fighting Gentoos
I´m molting
Gorgeous scenery
Gentoo Colonies on Cuverville Island
Gentoos in action
Gentoo Penguins on an Iceberg
Penguin Highways on Danco
Typical posting for our daily schedule
Deck 5 aft
Ice tongue of a glacier licking the sea
Crabbeater seals on an Iceberg
Waddling through the rocks
Leopard Seal
Leopard Seal
A parade of Gentoo Pengies
Tootling along...
So far to walk...
Scenic shot of Danco Island and the Gentoo Penguin Colony
Gentoos and chicks
Gentoo Penguin family.
Tourist shot
The hills are alive.....
Mom Feeding chick
Honking Gentoo Penguin
Kayaks with Dave
Gorgeous light
Swimming Gentoo Penguins
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