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February 19th 2014
Published: February 21st 2014
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Giant PetrelGiant PetrelGiant Petrel

These giant birds followed the ship and surfed the wind on the waves, just like the albatross.
Some words that have inspired me, during my reflection of such an enormously moving journey in Antarctica...

This quote was from the book, Southern Horizons, The History of the British Antarctic Territory, by Robert Burton (copywrite 2008), and it is originally from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (one of Dave´s favourite poems):

And now there came both mist and snow,

And it grew wondrous cold:

And ice, mast-high, came floating by.

As green as emerald

Just to change the mood a bit, and in keeping with the poetic theme, part of our life on the Sea Spirit was to participate in competitions when we had a spare moment between gourmet meals, and getting our parkas on for zodiac landings. One of these competitions was created by Dave. Yup, you guessed it. A poetry contest, with an Antarctic theme. Although, there were many more poems far better then the one that I submitted, I have to admit... Mine got the most laughs... I was inspired by our Marine Biologist´s talk on krill and the fact that they are different than shrimp because their gills are external, and yes, it was partly inspired

Cape PetrelCape PetrelCape Petrel

These cuties have a lovely checkerboard marking on their back when in flight.
by the movie Happy Feet 2 (thanks to Heidi in Churchill)...

Enjoy this silly poem. It reads best when you read it out loud.

A conversation between two krill...

¨Hey Bill¨said Will the krill,

¨Howdy,¨said Bill back to Will.

¨Did you check out that new girl named Jill?¨said Will

¨I did indeed¨said Bill back to Will.

¨I think I´ll ask her out on a date,¨Will said.

Bill replied, ¨You just like her because of her frilly gills.¨

¨I do not!¨ Will exlaimed, rather insulted, ¨but still, I must admit, not until I met Jill did I really notice how such frilly gills could thrill me.¨

¨Ah HA!¨screamed Bill, drilling his accusational glare at Will. Sometimes I think you are so silly and have no will power. Let´s face it. There is no pill to cure our lust for the thrill of the frilly gills of Jill.¨

Suddenly, the conversation became still...

As both Bill and Will watched the skillfull and charming, Phil the krill approach the lovely Jill.

And in the end, Bill and Will... got nil...

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy the pics!
The GuvernorenThe GuvernorenThe Guvernoren

Shipwrecked and deliberately sunk in 1915 due to a fire onboard. It was a whaling ship equipped as a seaboard whaling factory.


Additional photos below
Photos: 33, Displayed: 23


Antarctic TernAntarctic Tern
Antarctic Tern

Lovely bird, and just as nasty as its cousin, the Arctic Tern.

Hues of blues and green. The blue colour indicates older ice, more compressed by time and more dense.
Zodiac cruisingZodiac cruising
Zodiac cruising

The up close and personal experience to the wildlife and the ice bergs.
Swimming Gentoo PenguinsSwimming Gentoo Penguins
Swimming Gentoo Penguins

near Danco Island.
Gorgeous lightGorgeous light
Gorgeous light

Wilhelmina Bay
Kayaks with DaveKayaks with Dave
Kayaks with Dave

Dave was in charge of the kayaks, and getting people in them from a zodiac.

Two of our fearless Quark staff check out some crabbeater seals with the beautiful backdrop of a glacier.
Honking Gentoo PenguinHonking Gentoo Penguin
Honking Gentoo Penguin

on Danco Island.
The hills are alive.....The hills are alive.....
The hills are alive.....

With the sounds of Penguins!
Tourist shotTourist shot
Tourist shot

Of me with the Gentoo Penguin Colony on Danco Island.
Gentoo Penguin family.Gentoo Penguin family.
Gentoo Penguin family.

Mom or Dad with the 2 chicks. These chicks may have a chance of making it through the winter. Usually by this time, one chick is considerably smaller and is left to nature to perish.

21st February 2014
Gentoo Penguin family.

What a good mama!
Look at those babies! Good mama takes good care of her babies! Loving the pics!
21st February 2014

Your Poem is Dill-ightful ! :)
Dear Theresa, you have such "skill" when you write about "krill". Did you use a "quill"? If so, I hope you didn't "spill". Sounds like you and Dave are having another awesome adventure! Take good care, stay warm and don't catch a "chill" ! ~ Love Moe
21st February 2014

Poetry and Pictures
Love the pictures, though they gave me a chill and the poetry of course, you are a pill! LOL
11th March 2014
Front of a glacier wall

that must be scaring to be in front of that giant glacier

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