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January 4th 2014
Published: January 25th 2014
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Mighty, glaciated mountains towered from the ocean. Massive, vertical cliffs rose from the depths and mighty glaciars spilled through every valley. This was the welcome I got from Antarctica!
"I am in Antarctica" I said to myself! It's an amazing place! I stood in awe on the continental mainland and looked around. I was completely surrounded by jagged peaks soaring more than a mile into the sky. Giant rivers of ice, several miles across spilled through every valley. The emptiness, loneliness and remoteness of this place is overwhelming. It has
an icy strangeness ... It is like nowhere else!

Antarctica is 99.6% covered in ice! It is the coldest, windiest, driest and most mountainous of all the continents. It's also the least visited and has no permanent human population. It is difficult to comprehend the scale of this ice-bound land at the bottom of the planet! The sheer vastness and dazzling whiteness is mesmerizing...

It's captivating... Everything down here is of epic proportion!... I sat on a rock... An ancient rock on an otherworldly land.

...Instead of hiking several hundred metres with the group to see the massive penguin colony, I chose to sit on a small metamorphic
Xanthoria LichensXanthoria LichensXanthoria Lichens

A splash of colour to an otherwise black and white world
rock by the beach and watch the few penguins that hung out by the shoreline and just to absorb the fact that this is Mother Nature at her finest! It was amazing!

Penguins are so much fun to watch as they fall over and slide on their bellies and as they peck each other whilst squabbling and squawking! It was a pleasure to spend an hour or so getting to know their personalities...

We spent a few days exploring the western edge of the peninsula before the ship came to an unscheduled stop at an inpenatrable barrier of sea-ice and icebergs 12 nautical miles across. The Sea Spirit could not continue any further south so we decided to do the polar plunge at the most southerly point of this amazing voyage. A bunch of crazy people (me included) decided that jumping from the ship into the icy water was a good idea! The air temperature was about 4 degrees Celcius and the water was less than 1 degree... It also happened to be New Years Day. Happy 2014 from Latitude
65.20S - What a vista!


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My first LandingMy first Landing
My first Landing

I am standing on the continental landmass of Antarctica!

25th January 2014

In 1989-90 I worked at McMurdo Base on the Ross Sea for 5 months. It was an experience of a lifetime.
25th January 2014
Polar plunge

Polar Plunge
I did this on New Year's Eve 1989. Wow, it was cold. We cut a hole in the ice and jumped in naked.
25th January 2014
Cougarville (as we say)

You might be outnumberdd there Dave............and who\\\\\\\'s to say that outfit might just turn on a few thousands......... B safe
26th January 2014

The photos are amazing! I was hoping for one of the Polar Plunge! I did it in the waters of Pelican Lake on my 50th birthday! Not as impressive as Antarctica, but thrilling & chilling nonetheless!
11th February 2014

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