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January 21st 2013
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DALLMANN BAY, CUVERVILLE ISLAND AND PARADISE CHANNEL Sunday, January 20. Well we’re here! The morning was foggy but the sun broke through and the fog lifted about 1:00 pm. I spent the morning in a cooking class and then went to an early lunch in preparation for my old world/new world wine tasting. When the fog broke the glory of the Antarctic was all around me. We entered Dallmann Bay and everyone observed the beauty of the continent. I saw humpback whales, seals, various birds and penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins.

Most of the day was spent just taking in the magnificent environment. Even the wine tasting program was held in the dining room so we had vision to see the “landscape” as we passed it. The commentators pointed out the various species and features of the environment. All on board were very excited. Some of my pictures are OK, but I couldn’t capture the magnificence of the scenery. Tried to watch the football games, but the satellite signal was too weak. Internet worked though, so we kept up with the scores.

Sunrise 3:50 am; sunset 10:57 pm; wind 7 mph; sea calm and smooth. We’ll spend the night at anchor in Paradise Bay and continue to the Palmer Station in the morning. All-in-all, a great day!

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21st January 2013

Looks cold but very beautiful - amazing to see the wildlife, hope to see more pictures when you return!
21st January 2013

Temperature ??
Hey Chuck....what's the temperature outside? I know it's Antarctica but you als are just along the edge...so I imagine you are experiencing big swings...?? Great photos!

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