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December 22nd 2010
Published: January 4th 2011
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Ice Ice and more *&^%$ Ice! But in this case its wierd and wild, a Dr. Seuss-esqe view of the polar world, a penguins' sweet dreams or maybe just a polar acid trip? These are Pressure Ridges, caused by tidal forces under the thick sea-ice pushing the ice against the shoals or shoreline. They change regularly, are unstable, and therefore we have to follow the flagged route through after they have been surveyed, thanks to the staff at Scott Base! (These ridges are located adjacent to Scott Base, our New Zealand neighbors down the road.)

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scott base/new zealand section scott base/new zealand section
scott base/new zealand section

the pressure ridges are the line of broken ice beyond the buildings, under all that flat ice is ocean nad permanent ice, up to 300 feet thick.
ridge walkridge walk
ridge walk

walking the ridge line with Mt Erebus, an active 13,000ft volcano in the distance.
ice wavesice waves
ice waves

only a surfer knows the feeling...
press. ridges walkpress. ridges walk
press. ridges walk

you dont want to fall through here!
weddell sealweddell seal
weddell seal

the laid back cow sized Weddell, doing what they do best....
just weirdjust weird
just weird

here today, gone tommorro, weird tidal driven formations.

about 15 ft high
Mt Erebus, lenticular cloudsMt Erebus, lenticular clouds
Mt Erebus, lenticular clouds

13, 000 ft volcano, Mt Erebus
more ridgesmore ridges
more ridges

just cool and strange icescapes
angry iceangry ice
angry ice

you can see lots of personalities in the ice if you look hard...

ice makes you you crazy sometimes -or just happy to be in such a weird and amazing place!! I will go with the latter...

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