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Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station February 18th 2019

7 Charlotte Bay, Antarctica Today was a 7.00am wakeup call as we had become used to, with wonderful smoothies served in the bar at 7.15am for those who got up early and breakfast served at 7.30am. During the Antarctic section of our expedition, the zodiacs were craned into the water from the ship’s deck by 9.00am. This morning we were going for a cruise around the Bay looking for whales. We were astounded. It was a feeding frenzy of whales for over 2 hours. They were all humpbacks. Many times we had whales all around us. We constantly looked for the bubbles coming up, which indicated that they were below that surface. On one occasion, surrounding our zodiac was bubbles everywhere. We didn’t know when and where they were going to surface. All we knew was ... read more
Charlotte Bay iceberg
Charlotte Bay - the humpback whales were everywhere
Weddell seal at Portal Point Antarctic Peninsula  (3)

Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station February 16th 2019

5. Almirante Browns Station Paridise Harbour Antarctic Peninsula We woke to a beautiful day with glassy water. We have been so lucky with the weather. Again, it was out in the zodiacs so that we could explore Brown’s Station, an intermittently operating Argentine research centre in summer. It began life as a single refuge hut in 1947/48 at the time when Britain and Argentina were competing with each other to determine occupation as part of their territorial claims. It was developed into a year-round Argentina naval meteorological station in 1950/51 and continued in the role up to 1959/60 when I was closed. It reopened in 1964/65 as a scientific station operated by The Argentine Antarctic Institute. A marriage took place on the station in February 1975. Operations at the station came to an abrupt end on ... read more
Almirante Browns Station Paridise Harbour Antarctic Peninsula (17)
Crab-eater seal in Paridise Harbour Antarctic Peninsula (54)
Almirante Browns Station Paridise Harbour Antarctic Peninsula (20)

Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station February 15th 2019

3. D'Hainaut Island Mikkelsen Harbour We woke to see that it has snowed over night, but the morning was beautiful with sun shining and the ocean as blue as blue can be! It was majestic. The Russian crew were sweeping the snow from the top decks and we saw snow falling past our cabin window. It was announced that the temperature was a little warmer that the previous day – 1.5 degrees!!! It didn’t matter really as we were very ‘toasty’ in our warm clothes. Mikkelson Harbour is a rocky islet which is located n the small bay on the southern side of Trinity Island in the Palmer Archipelago. The islet was snow covered with a colony of Gentoo penguins and many Weddell seals which was the 1st time we had seen these seals. We sat ... read more
Gentoo Penguins on D'Hainaut Island Mikkelsen Harbour (3)
D'Hainaut Island Mikkelsen Harbour
Weddell Seals - D'Hainaut Island Mikkelsen Harbour (45)

Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station February 14th 2019

Wednesday – Monday 13-18 February: DAYS 12 - 17 / SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS AND ANTARCTICA PENINSULA This Blog: Day 12/13, 13&14 February Around 60 miles off the coast of the Antarctic mainland we found the South Shetland Island chain. 1. Active Sound in the Antarctic Sound Pushing on past the islands, on Wednesday morning, we woke to the announcement that it was 0.5 C degrees with fine weather. Out our window we saw lots of ice floating in the water and islands around us, some covered in ice and others of dark volcanic treeless peak. It was starkly beautiful. After breakfast, we rugged up, went outside to take some photos then got ready for a 9.00am launch into the zodiacs. As the wind was strong, we stayed in the zodiacs in the morning for almost 2 ... read more
Hot Chocolate and Baileys
Adelie Penguin  (1)
Beautiful Iceberg in Active Sound Antarctica

Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station January 25th 2014

Hello from the bottom of the world! This trip was my third voyage to the icy realms of Antarctica and it was yet another amazing trip… I fail to see how anyone could ever be disappointed with a trip down here… It’s an amazing place! Even the adventure of just getting to Antarctica is incredible. Crossing the dreaded Drake Passage, one of the world’s most turbulent and stormiest stretches of water, and being followed by some of the great albatrosses is exhilarating. The moody skies, the howling winds and the swirling seas are just part of getting here. It’s part of the journey… And so is getting chased by Argentinians… It all started when we arrived at the Argentinian base of Almirante Brown. The plan was to climb to the top of a small peak and ... read more
Chinstrap Chicks
Gentoo Chicks
Elephant Seal Wallow

Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station February 8th 2013

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth.The lowest temperature ever registered was of -89⁰C in 1983, while in the warmest day of summer, it doesn’t reach more than 15⁰C near the coast.There is no rain in Dry Valleys, Antarctica for 2 Million years.No permanent human lives there because the weather is extreme, also no land animal except a very small insect called Mingle Midge. Although 70% of world water is in Antarctica but it is a driest continent. If all ice in Antarctica was to melt the sea water would raise about 200ft.( Click "Antarctica 1/2013" for the panoramic pictures) YouTube; Antarctica Antartica region Co 17 loai Penguins song rai rac khap noi nhung cho o Nam Ban cau ma thoi. Tuy nhi... read more
Dallmann bay
Cuverville Island
Errera Channel

Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station January 22nd 2013

PALMER STATION - JANUARY 21 -Well, what can I say, more beauty and amazement. At one point in the early afternoon the captain reported we had spotted 28 humpback whales. I didn’t see all, but I did catch many of them. It seems like we saw many hundreds of penguins and a few Orca whales. Some of the scientists from the Palmer Station (a US scientific station in Antarctica) came on board for a couple of lectures. I managed to stay awake and found their presentation and the Q & A very interesting. In the morning I went on the bow to observe a little closer to sea level, but it was COLD, so I only could stay there for 30 minutes or so. The crew brought us Dutch pea soup while on the deck. Very ... read more

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