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April 15th 2018
Published: April 15th 2018
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The navigation covers all the states in USA including Alaska and Hawaii areas, Canada and Puerto Vasto are also included and with over 12 mil tourist attractions in the databases this must be one of the extremely comprehensive navigation systems developed. The pioneer AVIC-8200nex a state of the art in built Wireless wireless technology which syncs with your phone to allow you to make hands-free messages or calls allowing you to drive more as well as obey the traffic regulation the rare tooth technology also allows you to stream music from your smart cellphone.

A few of the basic features include: Integrated 50w x 4 amplifier, 8-Band graphic frequency, rear camera input, advanced touch slide operation

To get the full picture of the pioneer AVIC-8200nex lets have a look in details on the new features which will make it stand out in the market and an amount one choice for consumers.


The aha radio is your surfing around companions in the car keeping you updated on the latest Facebook improvements, tweets and other cultural media sites and it is operated by a convenient touch screen. Furthermore the Aha radio permits you to listen to thousands of r / c which include the local areas, internet radio, podcasts and audio tracks books.

The leading AVIC-8200nex aha radio is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices that are maintained the Wireless bluetooth serial ports, all you need to do is download a free leading AVIC-8200nex Aha Radio iphone app to the iPhone or Android device and you will modify you car entertainment.


The leading AVIC-8200nex has the The planet pandora internet radio feature which is designed to support you in finding new music online as well as your selected music that you already know. The pioneer AVIC-8200nex allows you to enjoy excellent high quality and full control of the internet radio via a touchscreen screen allowing you to give song a thumps up or a thumps down this is convenient in particular when you are driving. A new feature included is the "song book mark" feature which allows one to book mark tracks and buy them later.


The pioneer AVIC-8200nex the latest Bluetooth features which allows one to easily pair a Wireless enabled phone without dealing with some cumbersome and complicated settings. This feature will permit you to make hands-free calls making you stay safe and comply with local hands-free laws. A great interesting feature of the pioneer AVIC-8200nex Bluetooth is the ability to automatically pair two units which are in close closeness to the receiver. The Bluetooth feature also permits one to wirelessly stream music from a lightweight device as well as control the device once it is paired.


The leader AVIC-8200nex application mode has revolutionalized the way we work and live by making the car an integral part of your life. The advanced application mode permits you to control compatible app directly from the dashboard for instance when linked to an iPhone 4/4s or a fourth technology iPod touch you can get your contacts, calendars, maps and many more applications directly on the touch screen which has an interface suitable for safe in-vehicle operation.


The pioneer AVIC-8200nex provides real-time traffic data covering over 90 major cities in North America and Canada, this permits you to check your commute route before you depart and it provides information on traffic and alternative routes enabling you to re route and avoid traffic congestion. The pioneer AVIC-8200nex total traffic network has no registration costs or annoying advertising campaigns.

As a former working with car audio tracks systems for 5 years and I'm a car music lover personally. I also enjoy motocross riding, 4x4 off highway riding and, of course, listening to high quality music.


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