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Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station October 18th 2010

I have been in Antarctica for a little over a week now and, so far I would say that I am having a very positive experience. Everyone I meet is super down to earth, I feel as if I will develop so strong lifelong relationships with most of my friends down here. Yesterday I went for a day hike with a couple that I meet, Anna and her boyfriend Dane, two super cool people who I hope to hang with sometime off the Ice. We did a trail called the ridge trail. It was hyper windy, with the wind chill around -20F. The trail started at Discovery hut and worked its way up the hill from there. The sites were beautiful and the wind made the journey that much more challenging. I have a much ... read more
Ridge Trail
Royal Society Range

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station October 16th 2010

After too short a stay in New Zealand, (not even 3 days!) up at 4am for the ride to the airport. No aftershocks from the recent big quake here since yesterday, at least that I felt! We arrived at Christchurch Intl. Airport, at the joint US/NZ Antarctic terminal, dressed in our (ECW) Extreme Cold Weather clothing ) and waited for our USAF C-17 flight to Mcmurdo Station, some 5 hours and 2000 miles to the south. I walked around on the grounds at dawn, smelling the wet Nz grass, a bit chilly and contemplating the thought of going to another world, as it really is in many ways. And off we were, over the Southern Ocean and eventually landing at the sea ice runway at Mcmurdo Station.... read more
polar gear...
cockpit C-17

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station October 14th 2010

Life in McMurdo goes on and besides the extreme cold, reminds me a lot of college. Their are a wide variety of activities to do and their is always work to be done. There are plenty of people to meet and all have an interesting story to tell. The mess hall is reminiscent of a freshman cafeteria, except the food is much better. Every meal comes with desert so for those of you with a hyper sweet tooth, this is the place to be. The last couple of days I have been busy with my GPR training (Ground Penetrating Radar). The GPR will be used in combination with a Piston Bully to search for crevices along our traverse route to Coulman High. The Piston Bully, similar to a Snow cat, is equipped with a large boom ... read more
GPR Training

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station October 9th 2010

Well I made it, and yes the rumors are true, it is cold. Although surprisingly not as cold as I thought it would be. The departure form Cristchurch was less like an airplane flight and more like a military operation, loud people telling you what to do and many rules and regulations to follow. Considering it was a military operation I guess I can't complain that much. When I went to exit the aircraft upon arrival a strange feeling came over me, I had never been so unaware of what I would see and feel once I walked out the door. I have been skydiving but somehow exiting this plane on the ground was much more nerve-racking then jumping out of the other one. I was totally prepared to be blasted with gail force winds and ... read more
Cockpit C-17

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station July 8th 2010

The 2009 - 2010 season was the year of the Penguin. If I saw one, I saw a thousand. The descriptions under each photo tells it all. If you have any questions, please email me at read more
Antarctica 2009 - 2010 Season
Antarctica 2009 - 2010 Season
Antarctica 2009 - 2010 Season

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station July 17th 2009

Another season on the ice - Antarctica. This year I got to visit a few more places. I spent 1/2 day dive tending, I am sure glad that I am not SCUBA diving in Antarctica. No full face head gear is used. I also was awarded with a trip to the South Pole (sleigh ride). My feelings is that the flight there and back, seeing the sights along the way was more rewarding than actually setting foot at the South Pole. A bit later, I got to go for a snow mobile trip up Mount Erbuis (a room with a view). Overall this season turned out very nice, with some beautiful outdoor sights. And on my very last day, along the road I came across a lonely Penguin.... read more
Antarctica;  2008 - 2009 Season
Antarctica;  2008 - 2009 Season
Antarctica;  2008 - 2009 Season

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station January 24th 2009

The last few days have been filled with a lot of running around trying to prepare everything for one final day of work when it comes. I got a spare pre-amp, a device that amplifies a signal prior to it being transmitted through a cable to the processing unit in order to make the signal stronger than the noise it picks up along the way, in the mail from the South Pole. It was dated 1999 and even back then nobody had an idea what it was. There were a couple notes with question marks all over it. I went to a Spanish club meeting a few days ago and chatted in Spanish with a few people, and every now and then we get together for lunch or supper and practice with each other. I am ... read more
Lawrence H. Giamella

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station January 21st 2009

I woke up early for to watch Obama's inauguration this morning. It was aired live in the galley at 6 a.m. Then phased between sleeping and reading while I waited to go to my outbriefing at 10:30. Once there, I was asked how the NSF and Raytheon support was, how our visit matched our outline in the SIP (not sure what it stands for, but it is basically a detailed outline of everything we would do and need here). After that, I went back out to Willy Field with more troubleshooting things for the allsky camera and worked on that for a while. It turns out a wire had come loose during the shipping process, so I plugged back in and returned to McMurdo after taking a few more test pictures. I got to talking with ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station January 20th 2009

I was in charge of reconditioning the batteries today, so I just kinda hung around and turned a knob every three hours. Strolled around town, went to the library and looked through their give-a-book-take-a-book shelves and pulled out "The Gunslinger" by Steven King (first of the Dark Tower series), and "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. I read a lot and did a little walking, but nothing too great.... read more
Helo Hanger
Helo Ops

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station January 20th 2009

More food for the intellectuals... read more
You're Welcome
Extreme Cold Weather

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