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May 21st 2005
Published: May 22nd 2005
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Hello everyone. Here are some photos from the last month to so.

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An Adelie penguin visited the station yesterday. He is a youngster and miles from where he should be this time of year.
Mt. DiscoveryMt. Discovery
Mt. Discovery

This photo was taken in early to mid April. It's now (5/21) pretty well dark, even at noon.
Royal Society RangeRoyal Society Range
Royal Society Range

Alpen glow on the Royal Society Range, part of the Transantarctic Mountains.
Mactown at noon in early MayMactown at noon in early May
Mactown at noon in early May

This photo was taken from the Hut Point Ridge Trail, a new trail which just opened in December.
Vince's CrossVince's Cross
Vince's Cross

Vince's Cross normally is located on Hut Point. However, it is now at Scott Base undergoing repairs to a major crack in the wood near a large knot.
Dinner at Scott BaseDinner at Scott Base
Dinner at Scott Base

The Kiwi's invited us over for dinner and prepared a great dinner of Indian food.
SFA door signSFA door sign
SFA door sign

Compare this sign which is on a door leading into an area controlled by Support Forces Antarctica (ie the US military) to the one in the next photo leading at an area controlled by Raytheon Polar Services Company.
Sign on RPSC AGE Dept doorSign on RPSC AGE Dept door
Sign on RPSC AGE Dept door

This sign, is locate a couple feet from the other one and leads into the Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE) office.
Inside Scott's HutInside Scott's Hut
Inside Scott's Hut

An interior photo of the inside of Scott's Hut, located at the outskirts of town.
Biscuits and Herring Biscuits and Herring
Biscuits and Herring

Supplies from one of Scott's expeditions insde Scott's Hut.
LDB Construction SiteLDB Construction Site
LDB Construction Site

It's not all fun and games at McMurdo during the winter. This is a photo of one of the outdoor construction sites a few miles from town. Here RPSC is assembling several new buildings for NASA's Long Duration Balloon (LDB) program. Each year, NASA launches a few very large balloons wich travel around the continent on the circumpolar winds carring large payloads of scientific equipment.

25th May 2005

So where are you now? I thought you said you and DK were going south for the winter. Let me know if you need anything; I can pop over and drop it off when I'm in the vicinity. The falling light does gradually give a splendid sense ot thenocturnal abyss i
- Tom
27th June 2005

Calico Cat
I'm enjoying the pics, however, what's up with the calico cat? Is it dead?

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