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November 11th 2005
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Crary HallwayCrary HallwayCrary Hallway

The lab reminds me a little of a hospital. It has that sterile smell as long as the fish researchers havent brought a bunch of fish through, or the penguin researchers havent tracked in guano from the ranch
Its been a while since i have posted anything, sorry about that. Work has been really busy with assembly, programming and integration of the various parts of the underwater camera system. The radio antenna tower at New Harbor is going to be installed on Weds, and the fiber optic cable conduit is still intact! I am playing a show at Gallaghers pub tonight which will be a lot of fun.

Joe Mastroianni left yesterday, and he is lucky he got out. Right after the C-17 took off some weather moved in and I woke up this morning to snow blowing all over the place and condition two. On another exciting note, there was a funky sulpher smell in the lab yesterday and someone ended up calling the fire department thinking there was a spill or leak. 3 fire fighters showed up in my lab with their gas masks, door pry bars and axes ready to combat whatever strange chemical they might find. Joe and I were programming some equipment at the time, and Joe looked at me and said well we aren't dead yet. It turned out to be some smells from the HVAC system that was being shut down
Bowser LabBowser LabBowser Lab

We share our Laboratory with RPSC environmental (Raytheon Polar Services Company). They are in charge of water quality sampling environmental assesment and management.
for maintenance. The Facilities engineer said that this has happened before. I was relieved and went back to work.

I have attached some photos of the Crary Lab so you can see where I work.

Additional photos below
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My Side of the LabMy Side of the Lab
My Side of the Lab

I dont claim to keep things very straight and orderly when I am in the middle of working. Not the best habit but I do try and straighten up once a day so i can at least find things when I need them and keep the lab somewhat presentable.
Another shotAnother shot
Another shot

Not very exciting - I know

14th November 2005

Room with a View
Some of us are stuck in an office or cube, and some are lucky to have a window to ocassionally gaze out, but I can only imagine what the wonders you see from your window. Stay warm. Peace.

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