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Antarctica » Antarctica » Hope Station January 23rd 2013

DANCO COAST, LEMAIRE CHANNEL, NEUMAYER CHANNEL AND HOPE BAY, Tuesday, January 22. Another slow start to the day weather-wise; foggy, cold, rainy and some snow flurries. By 2:OO pm it cleared so we could see the sights. A lot of hardy souls went outside for pictures and to see the view without the windows distorting it, but I chose to stay warm. I saw a lot of penguins, no whales today, but lots and lots of natural beauty. We went through the Antarctic Sound, nicknamed “Iceberg Alley” because of the size and number of icebergs. They are flat, top out about 100 feet above the water and large enough for one to two football fields to be placed on them. Also visible was the Argentine research station and some large penguin rookeries. I did venture out, ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Hope Station January 20th 2010

“how can it get better than this?” - that was the question posed at the end of the last blog. The answer - add blue skies. In the early morning we awake to find ourselves surrounded by icebergs with thick pack-ice ahead, this is as far south as we can go. The clouds are breaking up and the sun is sneaking through to illuminate individual mountain peaks and icebergs making them glow and stand out from the surrounding landscape. We're still in the Weddell Sea, in the channel between James Ross Island and Snow Hill Island - Nordenskjold's home for 2 winters and sure enough we sail past his hut. Both islands are surrounded by fast-ice so as we pick our way between the ice-bergs, all eyes are scanning for emperor penguins on an outing from ... read more
sunlight breaking through the clouds
Emperor penguins at the ice edge
juvenile emperors

Antarctica » Antarctica » Hope Station February 6th 2009

I woke up early, probably with the excitement of what should be an extraordinary day. Hope Bay, a picturesque bay in Antarctic Sound (sea), which has been dubbed 'Iceberg Alley'. It is home to an Argentine science centre, which boasts a school, mayor and post office! There is also a huge Adelie penguin rookery close by. As I stirred I felt the ship rocking gently, then I could hear the waves hitting the side of the hull. The weather seemed to be quite bad, which would be bad because the seas could be too rough for the Zodiacs to make the crossing to land. Sure enough I re-awoke to the captain's voice over the PA informing us that the winds were at gale force 8, some 35 knots, hence, there would be no landings. Quite simply ... read more

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