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Antarctica » Antarctica » Davis Station December 10th 2018

Electrical power is needed for everything these days and the demand is rapidly increasing. If you ever visit a place or face problems due to lack of electricity, you can think of portable chargers and generators, the savior. In the U.S and in other countries solar power is gaining high popularity. Due to technological advancements, solar plants can be used at homes and on the go. Now, there are various types and models of solar generators available in the market. What are solar generators? Portable Solar generators arrest the energy from the sun with the help of solar panels, there is a battery bank to store the energy. All the energy is released via an inverter and used for normal AC power. This is how a solar generator functions. It’s a solid electronic box that mainly ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Davis Station January 16th 2012

16th January half Moon Island, Decepcion Island, South Shetland Island. Yesterday was a blue day – perfect for photographs and we saw the most majestic scenery in bright sunlight. There were whales, penguins a plenty and seals to photography and most of the people on board spent the whole day outside. Needless to say there were sunburnt faces last night. No protection from pollution here. We cruised past two research stations down the passage ways to Decepcion Island, the South Shetland Island, Half Moon and Livingstone Island. The sea is full of small icebergs that the ship is negotiating and gently pushing aside and avoiding the huge ones that look like white/blue palaces in fairytales. Photography does not do credit to what we are seeing but I’ve taken hundreds of images. Last night, being a clear ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Davis Station December 19th 2011

We flew from BA on the 7 December down to Ushuia a port town where we will board a ship the following afternoon. Ushuia is also known as the end of the world being the most southern town before the pole. The next day we decided to take a trip out to Tierra du Fuegio national park to have a look around being departing for Antartica. Boarded the Polar Pioneer at 4 pm and were cleared through customs and under way by 6 pm. It was a lovely calm trip up the Beagle Chanel for the next 5 hours and everyone were in a very excited mood. Once we left the Beagle we entered the South Antartic Ocean which can be unforgiving but we had a dream run with large rollers pushing the boat from side ... read more

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