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Antarctica » Antarctica » Brown Station February 5th 2023

Turned toward the north the night of 3 February stopping in the early afternoon the next day at an intersection of waterways for peculiar folks to jump into frigid water. There are a total of 175 aboard, and 65 folks took a polar plunge into water that was 31 degrees. Recall this is salt water, so it freezes at 28, not 32. Surprised us we carried so many crazy folks. Almost all of the pictures are landscape, which is the major reason we took the trip. Should you not be so enthralled by snow and ice, you can skip many. Trip is nearing an end; we likely dock at Ushuaia late tomorrow afternoon and depart the ship the following morning. Anticipate only one more post, which will be of Deception Island.... read more
Just a snow/ice shelf
Antarctic Landscape

Antarctica » Antarctica » Brown Station January 29th 2023

Placed foot on the actual continent about 9:30a on 29 January. Chatted with a ton of Adelie Penguins, irritated an elephant seal, and snapped a pix of a large bird. Recall this is a second home (summer use only) for these folks. Took us two days to cross a very rough Drake Passage before arriving. None of these guys travel on a comfortable cruise ship. As we proceed south the ice and snow becomes deeper, although the temp has not appreciable changed since we've been in Antarctica, hoovers around freezing. It does snow each day, although accumulation is light.... read more
Big Bird
Breeding Ground

Antarctica » Antarctica » Brown Station January 8th 2023

"Wad up, Lobster Man?" asks my son to one of the crew as they fist bump in the expedition launch area. He has all of the confidence of a big city gangster roaming his hood. "How’s it going, Spaghetti Boy?" comes the reply from the expedition leader that I struggle to recall is named Bruno. Nathan and his Canadian companions have made an impression on the staff and it would seem they get the VIP treatment wherever they go. Their privileges extend from extra meal options, not listed on the menus we are shown, to tours to unseen parts of the ship including the engine room and sitting at the driver's seat as they are given a tour of the lifeboats. They receive personal attention from the expedition staff and waiters alike. Super waiters Theo, Mark ... read more
Ice bergs come in all shapes and sizes.
We saw a few of these
Yeah, just a few!

Antarctica » Antarctica » Brown Station February 22nd 2022

Tuesday. We were rousted from our sleep a little after 5:00 a.m. at the campsite where we had slept onshore. When I pulled my boots on (they had been outside the tent overnight) and stood up, my back went out. It was so painful I could barely walk but I managed to help break the tent down and repack it. Back on board I immediately took a couple of ibuprofen. A special breakfast had been prepared for us campers which included a mixed fish plate and Prosecco. Nathan kindly got a cold pack from a crew member and I iced my back before going to bed. We were awakened around 10:00 a.m. by an announcement that there were orcas nearby, but by the time we’d dressed and gone up to the deck, they were long gone. ... read more
Paradise Harbor
Paradise Harbor
Paradise Harbor

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