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Africa » Mauritius » Rodrigues August 9th 2015

How can you visit the Mascarenes without stopping by to say hello to the inhabitants of Rodrigues. Although the island is technically part of Mauritius, it's a 600 kilometre flight east across the Indian Ocean before touching down at the airport. My host Jerry was there at 11:00pm to greet me, and drove me to the north of the island where his three bedroom house was on offer courtesy of AirBnb. Jerry showed me around the house, left the keys, and then headed home to his place around a kilometre away. This was the start of an unforgettable visit, as there are only a few neighbouring houses in this isolated area of the island. Jerry came to check on Tom first thing in the morning before heading off to Port Mathurin for work, and I later ... read more
Sea bird in a tree
Port Mathurin
Joe Cool and I at lunch

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Entebbe August 9th 2015

Well, this will be my last blog post from Uganda. I honestly can’t believe it’s over already. The last few hours before leaving Mbarara ended up seeming a bit frantic as Brit and I tried to get everything organized for Susanne before we left. She and Joseph would have a couple more communities to go to for the second vaccination campaign and we wanted to make sure she had all the supplies she needed before we left her on her own. We also had to say all of our goodbyes, which is always, always hard. Having spent two summers on the project now, leaving everyone is so much harder as I’ve grown close to all these wonderful people. It’s difficult to be excited for the next chapter of my life when I feel the guilt of ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Siyabuswa August 9th 2015

We have arrived, all went smoothly at Heathrow Airport, we departed from a very busy but efficient Terminal 5. Tim had organised the taxi to get us to Heathrow nice and early so we had a calm wait after we got through security, we even had time for a meal at Weatherspoons! We waited and watched the planes arriving and departing as we waited to be called to board, everyone was calm and relaxed. The flight was long and we were able to watch a few films on the way, the flight departed at 9.20pm so it was a night time flight and we managed a little bit of sleep. At one point during our flight over Africa I looked out of the window to see streetlights in the darkness, the surprise was that there were ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi August 8th 2015

Nachdem wir zu Beginn unserer Tour ein ziemlich dicht gepacktes Programm hatten, wird das Tempo allmählich etwas gemächlicher, was wir aber als durchaus angenehm empfinden. Der nächste Etappenpunkt ist der Lake Bunyonyi, wo wir 2 Nächte ziemlich luxuriös im Birds Nest mit tollem Blick auf den See untergebracht sind. An unserem "freien" Tag werden wir zu einer kleinen Bootstour über den See abgeholt. Der See ist zwar nicht groß, aber stark verästelt und an der tiefsten Stelle angeblich bis zu 600 oder 900 m tief (je nach Quelle). Er hat 26 Inseln, z.B. Punishment Island: hierhin wurden bis in die Fünfzigerjahre unverheiratete schwangere Mädchen gebracht und ihrem Schicksal überlassen. Arme Männer, die sich kein Brautgeld leisten konnten, konnten sich dort ein Mädchen abholen. Oder Bwama Island: auf diese Insel wurden bis in die Achtzigerjahre Leprakranke aus ... read more
Mit dem Einbaum zum Birdsnest
Der Lehrer zeigt uns seine Schätze
Bwama Island: Schulgebäude und Schlafräume

Africa » Uganda August 8th 2015

After we returned from our weekend in Rwanda, Brit and I only had one full day in the field left, where we taught one of our communities how to make donuts. Kahenda is one of the first communities we started to work with way back in 2007, and it is also one of our oldest communities, comprised mostly of widows. Back in June when we attended their community meeting they asked if we could provide training on how to make donuts. Since the community is almost entirely made up of elderly women, the goat project wasn’t a great fit for them anymore; the physical labour in caring for livestock was becoming too much for them and they are often the target of thieves because they cannot protect themselves well anymore. They are hoping to use making ... read more
Janaya discussing cervical cancer
Anthony talking about STI's

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Saldanha Bay August 6th 2015

Looking at a Western Cape map, we thought the West Coast looked interesting. The road appeared to hug the coast with little villages perched on the beaches. We left Cape Town quite late and then got stuck in traffic. We drove north through the city, leaving through the Table View area. Table View is aptly named as the views of the mountain from here are amazing. As we left the city we were aware that the landscape was flattening out and becoming more sandy. The whole area was a huge set of sand dunes. At first the sand held little life, just a few gaunt bushes, sparsely scattered. As we got further north the bushes grew denser and less gaunt. After about 30km they started showing flowers, just a few at first but then more and ... read more
Vyge Valley Farm Stall
Darling Flower Route
The Marmalade Cat, Darling

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro August 5th 2015

Endlich dürfen wir zu den Gorillas! 2 Tracker sind schon einige Zeit unterwegs, um unsere Gorillagruppe aufzuspüren und per Funk die Position durchzugeben. Wir (7 Touris) dürfen dann mit 2 bewaffneten Guides hinterher - bewaffnet deshalb, damit sie im Falle einer Begegnung mit Waldelefanten oder nicht habituierten Gorillas die Tiere mit einem Schuss in die Luft vertreiben können. Unser Weg führt durch dichten Nebelwald, anfangs auf steilen und rutschigen Pfaden, später direkt durch das Dickicht. Die Guides schlagen uns mit Macheten denWeg frei. Nach 1 Stunde erreichen wir die Tiere. Die Gruppe mit dem Namen Kyogurila besteht aus einem Silberrücken, 3 Schwarzrücken, 7 Babies und 6 Damen. Zunächst können wir sie nur schlecht sehen, weil sie immer mitten im Grünzeug sitzen und dort futtern. Aber dann beschließt eine Mutter, den eigentlich vorgeschriebenen Sicherheitsabstand v... read more
Mama hat Hunger
Der Silberrücken ist der Denker in der Truppe
Nicht mit dem Essen spielen!

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Siyabuswa August 4th 2015

So it's finally over. Children are safely restored to their families, bags are unpacked and the heap of washing has begun to be tackled. The talk is no doubt of the past two weeks' experiences (with perhaps a little more information coming from the girls than the boys--though I hear Nat has been talking all afternoon!) and the photos are already being downloaded and bringing back memories which will linger long. It's good to hear that Charlie's have mostly been recovered, as he took the most. May I take this opportunity of reminding everyone that I would very much like to see your best 50: these photos are used again and again in slideshows and accompanying articles in the Chronicle, on the website and in the media, and just about everyone will have captured some unique ... read more
Goodbye Ekukhanyeni
Those sky blue hoodies went everywhere...
The Canasta Crew

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi August 4th 2015

In December last year I was applying for an internship for the Enterprise Growth Services (EGS) at EY. And now I am here: Ghana. The last couple of weeks have been hectic, especially since the country I was going to, and the project I would be working on, was still unsure. On the 15th of July I got a definite GO for Ghana. In two weeks everything had to be arranged: booking tickets, getting a visa, accommodation, and everything else that needs to be done before getting to the African continent. When I got onto the plane and read about the country, suddenly, everything became real and I got more excited the closer I got to Ghana. Last Friday was the first time I set foot on the African continent. My colleague Ian picked me up ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Kommetjie August 3rd 2015

Generally the City of Cape Town wants people to think it occupies the Southern-most point of Africa and that the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet there. The thing is, that's not actually true. Instead, not far from the suburbs of Fish Hoek and Simon's Town, there is Cape Point National Park. This park includes a location known as the Cape of Good Hope. It's confusing because the peninsular Cape Town sits on is often given this name too. Anyway, the Cape of Good Hope boasts the title of the "most South-westerly point on the African continent". To be honest it feels like this is an accolade the area just made up to get noticed. Though it's beauty means it merits being noticed. As Cape Point is not far from the city and Lindsey has a friend, ... read more
Cape of Good Hope
Cape Point Cliffs
The Lighthouse Keeper's Path

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