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Africa » Tunisia » Douz April 20th 2015

We spent last night in Tozeur which is a large oasis that is famous for its date palm plantations. Palm trees are everywhere! (See picture) We left Tozeur and drove south through the largest salt lake bed in North Africa and we passed through a minor sand storm on the way (see picture). We arrived in Douz, the Gateway to the Sahara. Yesterday I stood next to a camel sign. Today I stood next to a camel. In fact, I rode the camel out into the Sahara Desert. (See pictures) Uncle Jim and I were two of the three intrepid adventurers from our nine-person group who signed up to ride a camel. The local guide led us out into the desert for twenty minutes and then back in again. Riding a camel is something like riding ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Naivasha April 20th 2015

This post is a week behind for a few reasons, but mostly because I've just been busy and not journaling at all. First off… I'm kinda stupid and don't really think about how public the posts are… mostly because I don't care who sees the real me and partially because I just wasn't thinking… regardless there will be no mention on girls sitting on my lap (hey you asked for it…) or any other questionable escapades of others. BUT… I'm not done blogging! Muahahahaha. SO where the f to start… oy. April 20… a special day for the silly 18 year old pot heads at home… not so special for me - at this point, there's really no way to remember the day to day from 2 weeks ago, especially since it was pretty boring and ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Naivasha April 19th 2015

Sunday 4/12 Woke up and stayed in bed a little longer than usual… liiiike 8am? Whew! - no way to sleep in with the kids going nuts. Did a bit of research online and eventually did my laundry I planned on going out to olive for some wifi and beer at around 3 - it was around 1230 - I asked chelsea if she wanted to join and she said she was just about to head down to Java for lunch. I decided that would work too - I hadn't had American foods in a while and I could still get wifi. catherine was the last out - the kids went with chris, I assumed to church… she said she'd be home by 1 but she wasn’t by the time I wanted to leave… could I ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Naivasha April 19th 2015

Wednesday4/8 Felt pretty refreshed - brought uke to school students had exams again so only break time with them beatrice wanted me to start the second fire - ended up making a smoke house which in turn made her dizzy and she needed to take some time to lay down haha.. she said it wasn't just the smoke though - she's still a little sick from last week. asked Marcus and Chelsea for drinks - chelsea said she was too tired for tonight but was down for friday set up plans for the weekend - switched longonot to the 18th and ding hells gate with jamie and chelsea this sat had drinks at acacia - met marcus down by the KCC office - had 2 - neat little place has private little rooms behind curtains for ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Tozeur April 19th 2015

This morning we saw the Great Mosque at Kairouan. It dates from around 800 AD and is a place of pilgrimage for North Africa. We were not allowed to go inside, but we could enter the courtyard (see picture with me in the foreground and Uncle Jim in the background). From Kairouan we drove to Sbeitla to see the ancient Roman ruins. I was particularly looking forward to these ruins because the First Armored Division was here in February of 1943 and the book of the official history of the division has photographs that were taken here. I attempted to recreate the same pictures, but the site has been archeologically examined since then and vegetation has grown up, so there is not an exact match. Our tour group is continuing southward and we are getting close ... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal April 19th 2015

Zondag 19 april 2015 8e vakantiedag Vandaag gaan we Swaziland alweer verlaten. We worden vandaag iets minder natuurlijk wakker want één van de bussen die vlak bij de Beehives geparkeerd staan, besluit om 6.00 uur zijn motor te starten en deze een poosje te laten draaien. De vogels zijn meteen stil en de Impala's komen vanmorgen niet grazen bij de hutten. Na een bakkie koffie pakken we de boel in en op weg naar het ontbijt gooien we vast het een en ander in de auto. We zitten op ons inmiddels vaste plekkie bij het water. Vanmorgen is er ook een buffet en er wordt ter plaatse eitjes naar smaak gebakken, Bert kiest een spiegelei en ik laat een lekker omeletje fabriceren. Gebakken bacon, worstje, toast, koffie en sap maken het geheel af! De overgebleven stukjes ... read more
Vrachtwagens met suikerriet in Swaziland

Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan April 18th 2015

I transferred my photos this morning. I am beginning to suspect that the camera needs to be fully charged to successfully download photos to my iPad. By the end of a full day of sightseeing, the batteries in my camera and iPad are both getting pretty low! Anyway, I will try to include some pictures from the last couple of days in today's blog entry because I didn't take many today. Today, in short, we spent the day driving from Tabarka to Kairouan. The scenery was not uninteresting, but would not translate well to photos - lots of green fields, olive trees, and rocky hillsides. We are now ensconced in our hotel room and I will send this brief blog and photos while I have a chance. Photos include: the souk in Tunis, the Ulysses mosaic ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar April 18th 2015

I have been extremely remiss in not writing about my experience of the spice tour. The Zanzibar archipelago is known as the spice islands, and at one point was the world’s biggest exporter of cloves. The island’s biggest economy now, however, is tourism, so it makes perfect sense to combine the two industries, and give tourists a glimpse of Zanzibar’s spicy secrets. I embarked on a tour of a local spice farm basically as a complete tourist. I tried to convince myself that I was not a ‘wageni’ (Swahili word for tourist) by the fact that I was selflessly accompanying my boyfriend’s mother, who was a real, true, undeniable tourist from South Africa. I was living on the island after all, albeit for less than a month at that point, I could speak approximately 10 words ... read more
Being Adorned
Curly vanilla

East London, South Africa was a new port of call for us and we were going to be there for only about 5 hours. So we had to organize something where we could get a good overview of the place quickly. Fortunately Karolyn and Steve knew Rob Prentis who was a teacher in East London and is now a tour operator who also lectures on ships. So we arranged for him to take us on a whirlwind tour of his hometown. Rob loves Africa and has great hopes for its future.First Rob took us to his friend's house on the Nahoon River for a boat ride. The river is one of the largest ones in South Africa. Gary has a nice runabout and we all piled into the boat and cruised out to the mouth of ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie April 17th 2015

April 17, 2015 After living in Ghana for 10 months I’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of friends, especially right in this neighborhood. I’ve mentioned a couple of them over the course of my blog. Adults, children, and even animals. So where do I start? First of all, I told you about Mavis as our “house mother.” However, I never mentioned that she only comes on Saturdays now. After she graduated from university she was required to do a job specific to what she studied (nutrition). Therefore, in October we had to hire a new woman to do her job. Hannah has been here this whole time now. She’s definitely different from Mavis, but she’s nice and sweet. She’s 19, from Tamale, and didn’t go to school, so many of us have ... read more
No longer scared of obruni
Naughty Callie
Sleeping Peace

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