south africa part 5

March 15th 2012
Published: March 15th 2012
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In a very quiet morningsun I sip my coffee & smoke a cigarillo (still 2 cases of 50 pcs left),

while enjoying the garden/ bush view accompanied by chirping of exotic birds.

An Ibis-like bird within hand reach is picking in the ground, a total bliss to walk barefoot around, T shirt and shorts after an freezing cold & rainy January/ February in the Netherlands

This place with its temporarily inhabitants is total fun

Driving to St Lucia, a coastal village at the Indian Ocean, takes us 1 ¼ hrs, so we visit a croc’s ‘farm’ , the waterfront with the boats for jetskying. A mainstreet with lots of hotels, restaurants and shops: kind of a posh village. Actually all too quiet after Dave’s place to my taste. Next day the UNESCO wetland park Isimangaliso: lots of Hippopothamuses, spiders hanging between junglelike vegetation over the roads forming a porch (brrr, Arachnophobia ??) , Nyana’s (A deer like animal with ears like Kangaroos and white stripes on their flanks)

very cute with the little calves drinking while mother is keeping watch.

Beautiful colored butterflies are frolicking around us, too quick to photograph, the baboons are monkeying and gazing at us, witch is mutual. I spotted 1 monkey with a bright blue

Crownjewelry, instead of bluebells you might describe it as blue balls !

The lookouts gives view over the gorgeous mountainous area, swamps and marshes

A dip in the Indian Ocean at Cape Vidal: due to the strong current swimming is not advisable, but its fun to ‘ride’ the huge waves which swoops you off your feet.

Small crabs, hiding into the holes they made in the sand

After 8 hrs we return to the hostel: again no water, after a complaint we get at least cold water and after another complaint finally warm water. A bat is desperately trying to escape from our lodging, so we helped him (or her: its difficult to see what sex it has..) by opening the door, so its radar works perfectly and out it goes.

Early rise, goodbye to the hostelmanager and her pet: an enormous fat swine, with ears so big you could use as a floor mop. Off we go: 5 hrs drive to Drakensberg, Sani Pass, bordering Lesotho.

We arrive at noon (High Noon not accompanied by Frankie Lane or Ennio Moricone; would have been fitting) in a cozy setting: main building is like a trapperslodge, fully equipped with kitchen, couches, herd, boardgames. Several lodges around it, some hidden in the bush.

The garden is full of candleshaped flowers, an amazing festival for the eyes of orange with yellow color. Perfect spot for meditating if your in to it.

An invasion of Germans, 8 Germans, 2 Afrikaners, 2 Belgian girls, 1 Canadian woman , 1 Swiss fellow. So I choose to practice the German language.

Tomorrow we’ll go for Lesotho through the mountain pass, with a 4x4 wheel.


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