south africa part 1

March 5th 2012
Published: March 12th 2012
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So the Tim & Ton Travel-Team finally left our dreary ,rainy small country

Starting at 15.00 hrs on the 19th of February at Schiphol, Amsterdam to Heathrow, London

While in Frankfurt and with Iberia airways the strikes are going on, we are

blissfully unaware of this. Before entering the aircraft the guys of an ambulance

carry away someone; stroke of (our) luck this happened before we took off!

Oh brother, Heathrow turns out to be 1 non smoking zone, and while waiting I’m not too

Happy without my so appreciated cigarillos (do NOT dare to laugh about this, especially Krystle !!). Killed time by spending my 1 pound from an earlier trip couple of years ago on a chocolate bar and noticing there is NO free wifi here…. Bummer.

Arrival at Johannesburg at 07.00, 13 hrs of flight in narrow confined seats, with little choice in Audio & movies, no games at all, food that makes you wonder how the heck it is possible they have Gordon Ramsey and Oliver James (or are they a fig of Brits’ imagination??) British Airways is a definite no-go area in the future for me!

The T&T –TT makes it to the Budget office, we pick up a nice Toyota Corolla with all kinds of fancy stuff in it. Our 3rd and 4th T off our Travel Team (they both are named Tom, as you guess it: we have a TomTom) guides us out to a supermarket for a powerplug

cause’ SA has a plug which differs from the UK/Singapore plug.

A well spend 1,30 euro (yep: it would have cost us 12 euro in the NL !) … but for he fact the internetconnections altogether and especially wifi is scarce in SA, so do not expect me to blog everyday.

Beside the fact I could not plug my notebook into the exhausting area of an elephant in order to amuse you folks with my witts !

OK, so we covered a 450 km in 5 hrs , cruising hrough a lovely scenery and are staying in Sabie, a small village, in a backbackhostel which is grant: 1 spacious room for 2, a kitchen in adjacent room, a separate toilet and ditto shower in the 3rd room for the magical sum of 11 euro per person !

So all of you who are still in Aussieland: eat that (as desert).

Lots of sprouts over here by the way: Nelspruit; Hoekspruit; Springspruit (sorry, some jokes can not be translate into another language)

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