Preparations, Preparations - Will We Ever Get There?

December 7th 2011
Published: December 8th 2011
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So, plans for this trip - real plans, began way back last April and in the ensuing months we have spent countless hours reading travelogues and guidebooks, talking to friends and acquaintances who had done similar trips, doing online searches, bookings and wire transfers, getting inoculations and visas, doing 'practice' packs and tromping around with our gear. And don't even get me started on all the lists!

Finally, we are down to the last few days before departure and the last 'must do' items. I don't know whether I am more excited or nervous; while I have done some exciting trips like paddling the Nahanni River (admittedly 20 years ago), I can safely say this is my biggest adventure yet. I think Mon would say the same.

It is going to be a real trip of 'planes, trains, and automobiles' and as many different types of accommodations as there are (ok, maybe not igloos but you get the idea). I can hardly wait to see the varied scenery and terrains - savanna, desert and dunes, rain forest, mountains and canyons.

Anyway, thanks to all the folks who helped us or offered excellent advice and support leading up - Terry, L & A, Isabel at the Travel Health Clinic (gee, did I ever get over my dislike of needles), Cecilia, Paul F., Gordon C., Phil M., Bonnie and Brian (kiss Jessie dog every day).

Ok, I've been told not to go crazy, it's just the first entry. Anyway, enjoy our stories along the way and let the adventure begin!


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