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January 31st 2011
Published: February 4th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

And so my first big adventure has come to an end... In the past four months I have been to 12 countries. I have crossed boarders by boat, car, plane, bus and on foot. I've had my feet in oceans, seas, and rivers, made sand angels and rolled down sand dunes like a kid rolling down a grassy hill. I fed squirrels, birds, and stray cats. I spent Halloween in a market, Thanksgiving in a burger ... Read Full Entry

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4th February 2011

Coming from a family of "writers" as I do, the only words of advice I have are those which was passed to me. It's only four words, but they are the only four words that a young aspiring writer needs to hear. "Go back to school." I never did heed those words and have lived to regret it. I've loved reading your blogs and they have helped to ease an otherwise dreary winter. Take care of yourself Nessa, and stay in touch. tg
4th February 2011

I am so honored to have had you as a life long friend! Thank you for sharing your journey....and I sure hope you are ready for round TWO!!!! Cause I got a bug now....and I want you with me!!! Love you!!!
4th February 2011

Awesome, beautiful & epic - just like you!

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