Africa Encompassed?

January 13th 2010
Published: July 28th 2010
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Hi all,

A brief note to say I fly to Kenya tonight (snow permitting) with the cellphone number of a physics Professor at the University of Nairobi! Planning to meet up with him and view the annular eclipse on the morning of the 15th .... bit random I know but has been a source of highly amusing and helpful people - albeit slightly geeky.

My Intrepid tour assembles in Nairobi on the 16th and we hit the road the following day. If you are interested, this is the link...

its called Africa Encompassed and takes in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia and South unbelievably excited though a little reticent of living in a tent again for 3 looks liek an epic journey.

If anyone feels like throwing caution to the wind, Africa Encompassed is made up of these 4 trips

YOG, UOU, UOB and UOG - you could come along for part of the way! Visit, plug in the trip codes and see what you think!

Its been fab catching up with many of you over the festive season and looking forward to seeing you in a British Spring... Im back at the end of March to start work again on 6th April.

Who knows what internet access I shall have as i trek from Kenya to Cape Town but will endeavor to keep blog and photos going. Stay in touch! Always good to get messages - even though it may be grey and miserable and recession black....!

Kwa heri (means bye in Swahili)

Hannah xxx


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