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July 12th 2010
Published: July 12th 2010
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Hisham very happy
Random pictures/

First fez pictures are of my husbands oldest brother his name is Hisham. Hisham has severe autism and is blind. My daughter has a baby Pretty Pony that sneezes and says lines like thank you for taking care of me. and thank you for wiping my nose. Hisham picked up the pony and tried to strangle it and kept banging the ponies head on the table. It was very funny. My fatherr-in-law told us that while we were away Hisham played with the pony. He called it mu mu (baby) and loved it. When we came back he didnt want anyone to take it from him. If you do take it from him he gets mad and throws it. Hisham is very funny! I think we willhave to get Asiyah another pony, this one is Hishams mumu.

Visit to my Husbands cousin Souad who got married and had a baby since the last time I saw her. We are on the roof of her home.

There are tons and tons of cafes in Morocco and they are all filled with men. This seems to be what they do, they sit in the cafe all day long!!!!!!! watch the women go by, socialize, and drink tea. Good Woman DO NOT go into the cafes.

Interesting Notes: I have seen at least 6 accidents were pedestrians have been hit by cars. Driving here is crazy. There are very few traffic light and all the cars are dented. I did drive in Jadida. People just cross the road and run out into the road. Even woman with kids its insane! One accident a woman was screaming cuz a car hit her small child.

I have also seen quite a few brawls, lol. sometimes its like being in one of those old cowboy movies where there are salon brawls and people go flying out the window, only Morrocan style.

Additional photos below
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Hisham strangling mumu

brother-in-law Younis, Khalti Hesna, Father-in-law (Ahmed)

Souad son Ahmed

Asiyah (being Asiyah) , Souad and her baby

Habibi Hassan-My husbqnds Uncle- One of my favorites. He is a twin with Khalti Hesna-My other favorite

A Cafe

Abdullah LOVES hisham

us at mcdonalds...I never thought I would love Mickey Ds so much...

This is what face Asiyah wants to make in every picture

Bab Boujloud - DOOR to Boujloud- Very famous ancient door

Going out with Lalla (grandmom) and Khalti (Aunt)


Khadijah after I flat ironed her hair!

Mosque in Boujlud

13th July 2010

travel with you...
I so enjoy your blog Shakirah, you could make money writing for Travel magazines! Seriously, they pay people like you, you write very well. I wonder where you get it from? The pictures and stories are wonderful, I almost feel like I am traveling with you : ) I LOVE that Abdullah LOVES Hisham! Tell Asiyah, granny would love to see a new face, oh oh, I have an idea, how about her natural one! So glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Salaams to Rabia, Ahmed the aunts and uncles from Farid and I. Be Well, Be Safe and Be at Peace.. All my Love, Mom
13th July 2010

Hi Shakirah!!
Hi Shakirah, Maryanne and I are working right now and decided to pull up your blog. You are hilarious!! We read your first entry and looked at all of the pics--seems like a very interesting place. Don't get too stressed over the visitors.lol Funny story about your daughter's pony. Take care and we will be in touch soon.
13th July 2010

Hey you guys you better not let you know who catch you, lol. Enjoy the blogs! every new blog I add goes to the top of the list. Check out the earlier ones. I miss you guys and I haaave a lil suttin suttin for ya!
17th July 2010

Hi Kitten! Thanks for sending this travel blog. What a great way to share your experiences. Looks like you all are having a great time. I love the pony story. :) Please send more pics when you can. Enjoy your trip! Love Allison
24th July 2010

more of my 2 cents
omg the traffic ! my husband cant go there he crosses the street like an idiot even with the kids i have to hold my chest so my heart doesnt beat out of it...... nope my kids r staying with me in a place like that. i will carry a yellow flag to wave around when i want to cross the street ..... do the cars have break lights do people take drivers ed there? i seriously see the benefit of drivers ed now
24th July 2010

more input
omg girls were fighting ..... were they big ? u think i could take em ? heheheeee ! im just saying i never know where i may end up in the world ! some chick try n come punk me off for my man she gon b sorrryyyyyyy
24th July 2010

Muminah, they will try to take your man too. My husband said he was in a taxi and the taxi driver picked up a hooker, (husband was smart to use that word) she told the taxi driver I am not married if anyone is interested...the driver told my husband shes not married...my husband told him he was married. They think they are cute I have to learn to say in Arabic. Buy your funky ass some deodorant before you try to flirt okaaaay! ROtfl very few wear deodorant!

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