October 11th 2008
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Through the last six months on our journey we have some end stats:

Motorbikes hired - 5
Turtles hit - 1
Other Kiwis we met on our journey - 4
Number of people who asked us if New Zealand is in Europe - 4
Times we got sick - 9
Times we heard Dave Dobbyn on the radio in Europe - 1
1.5L bottles of water consumed - 450
Walled medieval towns we accidently drove through - 1
Elephants ridden - 1
Number of trains caught - 27
Combined weight loss - 30kg
Rugby games watched - half
Broken suitcases - 3
Countries we visited - 22
Number of cops who pulled us over (for no reason)- 12
Temperature range encountered - -3C - 50C
Number of nights eating pasta in a row - 24

Running home to Mummy……priceless!

And here are some pics of all the places we went (in case you forgot)!

Additional photos below
Photos: 44, Displayed: 22


11th October 2008

wow! beautiful photographs. What camera do you use if you don't mind me asking?
11th October 2008

Wait! you already said it on your other post :) Nikon D200, with 11-18mm f1:4.5-5.6 lens. So my question is.. what was your favourite place!?
11th October 2008

Some stats of my own
Times I read each blog: 6 Times my classes begged me to forget the work and to show them the blogs: 25 Times a day I checked for email messages: 8 Phonecalls from Canada: 10 (Just as well they were free) Times I pulled out the atlas: 5 (Geo teachers shouldn't need to do this at all so this is an admission.) Times I prayed for you both: 100s Friends of ours that you met: 12 Times I wished I was there: 50 Times I was glad that I wasn't there: 5 Times I lived my trips vicariously through you: 25 Catching up with you when you come home: Precious in comparison.
11th October 2008

Photo Stats!
C'mon Jane, how many photos did you take?? Haha, it might take a while to work that one out, love Mum
12th October 2008

Hi there. Mmm favourite place... Well for scenery we say Greece, and for people Cambodia (which was also the cheapest)!

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