Bumpy roads sure jar ideas into your head

November 10th 2007
Published: November 10th 2007
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With lots of driving comes lots of thinking. Sometimes I'm thinking in circles. Other times good ideas come to me! I think part of the problem with being educated is that you can think very thouroughly about something. The problem is I can think of all these ideas that I want to follow through with, only I can't follow through when I don't have access to resources such as the internet.

Sat camp is over and done with. We are on a quick stop at Nakumatt--the place that has everything! Normal grocery store food, yay! And other "bits and bobs" such as washers and bikes and any random thing you might think of. It's hot and I'm dirty and getting anxious to move on.

This week I got to see Lake Chala, it is absolutely gorgeous, very similar to Lake Tahoe, except instead of evergreens in the distance you see Mt Kilimanjaro. We didn't get to swim because of crocodiles, but we did get to visit the creepiest abandonned hotel ever. It was really cool, but a little unsettling. Apparently the owner commited suicide (because he couldn't afford his payments on the hotel??) and there is just a half finished hotel on the top of the hill overlooking this haunted lake. Very weird.

What else? I saw two live roosters get their necks sawed off by my friends. And then we ate yummy rooster curry.

More about things at a later date, perhaps.


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