5 Unforgettable Things to do in Africa

July 18th 2018
Published: July 18th 2018
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Africa is a beautiful, culturally rich and diverse place. When most people think of visiting Africa, they picture a wild safari filled with exotic animals. And although African safaris are amazing, there are actually many other things to experience on this great continent and places to see. Check out this list of things to do in Africa.

Hit the Beach

A little-known fact about Africa is that there are actually some amazing beaches and shorelines to be discovered. There are beaches located in both northern and southern parts of the continent but crowds often flock to the northern region on the east coast, which is closer for European tourists and natives. If you’re looking for a reprieve from the crowds, check out Ghana, a gorgeous country located on the west coast of the continent. The southern beaches on both the west and east coast also offer picturesque views, private islands, and are considered a surfer’s paradise.

Explore the Mountains

If sun and sand isn’t your thing, there are some unbelievable mountains located in Africa. Hiking is a popular pastime in these areas. Most people are familiar with the more popular mountain regions including Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. But as beautiful as these are, there are some lesser-known mountains located in Africa that are actually home to some of the highest peaks in the area. These include the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda and the Simien Mountains, located in Ethiopia. If hiking isn’t your thing do to heights, there are other walking and trekking opportunities that might interest you. Whether it’s a walking safari tour or a leisurely trek through less mountainous regions, Africa offers something for every outdoorsman.

Rich History

One reason many people travel to a distant land or country is to learn about the culture and history. And Africa is rich with history. From caves decorated with intricate paintings to the evolution of man in Tanzania’s Olduvai Gorge, visitors will be mystified by all there is to learn and explore on this great continent. A visit to Africa wouldn’t be complete without visiting Egypt and viewing the breathtaking tombs and pyramids built nearly 5,000 years ago. Morocco is rich in history as well, with remnants of the medieval era felt in the architecture and culture. Historic churches can be found throughout the continent. With so many amazing countries to see and explore, you’ll need several weeks or several visits to this diverse continent.


Another way to immerse yourself in the culture is to visit the local markets and bazaars found throughout the countries. Not only will you see local merchants showcasing their amazing products but you’ll feel one with the natives of the land and have the opportunity to bring home a piece of your trip. Food is the perfect way to fully experience the African culture and many markets have local farmers and cooks selling food. Many merchants will barter with you over price so it’s best to sharpen your bargaining skills before visiting the markets. You’ll be mesmerized by the colors, sounds, smells, and experiences of an African bazaar.

Other Adventures

In case you’re still looking for more when it comes to visiting Africa, there are some other must-see attractions. Are you an adrenaline junkie at heart? If so, visiting Victoria Falls between Zimbabwe and Zambia is a must. Not only are the falls gorgeous but they’re also one of the world’s largest waterfalls. Adventure seekers can swim right up to the edge of this 355-foot waterfall or, if you’re daring enough, jump off it! Here, you can indulge in white water rafting, which can also be found in regions like Ethiopia and Uganda. If you prefer a more relaxed but still adventurous experience, you can scuba dive or snorkel in the Red Sea. And who knew that while in one area of the country you’re snorkeling and diving, elsewhere you could be skiing and snowboarding? Well, you can! Check out the mountain peaks in Morocco for some winter sports fun.


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