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November 11th 2007
Published: November 16th 2007
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Hello to everyone,
it's me AGAIN from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
We arrived here on Thursday morning in a pretty crappy campsite in Victoria Falls Town. On our first afternoon, we were haunted by people who were trying to make us do all kinds of crazy stuff: climbing down the gorge, jumping off a bridge, and so forth. As i am quite cheap and a bit of a coward i said no to all of that, and spent Friday on my own in the campsite. A day off i truly deserved and needed, while everybody else was rafting down the Zambezi river. On Saturday morning we went to see the Victoria Falls. It is possible to see the falls from the Zimbabwean and the Zambian side, but at the moment the waterlevels are low, and they are best seen on the Zimbabwe side. The levels were low, so we only saw the masses of water you know from the postcards in a small part of the falls, the rest of the gorge was pretty dry, which was a bit of a shame. Anyway, I enjoyed myself, and that afternoon i went shopping for crafts in Vic Falls town.
As my fellow travellers had booked a meat inferno (game meat restaurant) for the evening, I went off with an Australian couple to check out restaurants in town. We pretty quickly found a nice place, and a nice menu was presented to us. When we tried to order, we found out that at least three quarters of that menu are not available at the moment! We took it with humour, it's Zimbabwe, what can you expect, and eventually they fed us for a couple of dollars each, including a bottle of wine! We didn't get what we wanted, but it was still pretty good.
Sunday was another hang around day, and on Monday we finally headed off towards Botswana.
More news from me later, love to all at home xxx


17th November 2007

the latest shots are stunning, honey, and make it obvious how much you enjoyed antelope park. not so long now till i see you x

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