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Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare November 24th 2012

Springtime for Hitler and Zimbabwe- HOW TO BECOME A TRILLIONAIRE!... Mel Brooks wrote once wrote a humorous parody called “ The Producers” – a story about two Jewish producers who are in financial trouble and try to write a story that they think will fail… they plan to cash in on that failure by having the first viewing of new play by inviting a group of holocaust survivors. In the film (and play ) there’s a satirical song that epitomises this black kind of humour called : “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”. I’ve entitled this blog this way to eulogise the president of Zimbabwe who (who knows why) – sports a tash – which I am told is coming back into fashion these days with the women!- anywa... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare September 24th 2012

After my trip to Victoria Falls, i spent two weeks in my beloved Harare. The capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare, is a beautiful, light-filled, open city; high on the country's central plateaux. It is a city of modern buildings, wide thoroughfares, numerous parks and gardens. A city whose streets are lined with flowering trees and a wonderful and invigorating climate. There is a strong appreciation for the city's cultural and historical heritage and a number of the older buildings have been preserved. The Mining Pension Fund Building at Central Avenue and Second Street is one example and many more are to be found along Robert Mugabe Road between Second Street and Julius Nyerere Way. The National Gallery houses not only a valuable and interesting national collection but also hosts travelling international exhibitions and has a permanent ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare September 24th 2012

Pics of ME with my friends and family in Harare Zimbabwe. Goodtimes! :)... read more
Good Food

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare September 16th 2012

The bus from Victoria Falls to Harare took about 13 hours and was extremely uncomfortable. The only decent road to make the journey, takes you back down to Bulawayo, then north east towards Harare. We hadn't got much sleep by the time we arrived at midday. I rang Niall, who I had met in Vilankulos and had offered us a bed when we got to Harare. After about 15 minutes, he pulled up in a 1964 safari jeep, which he was driving around, while his jeep was getting repaired. This was an awesome way to get around and Niall gave us a bit of a guided tour as we drove the city back to his house in one of the suburbs. Christina and I were in need of a power nap and after a short one, ... read more
Harare Skyline
Niall's Safari Jeep
Long Way Home

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare June 27th 2012

Hi everyone – me, again……and back with an update on Day 2 in Harare! (and P.S. - my phenomenal team members, Cheryl and Jade, are helping me out with this blog - I can't seem to upload multiple photos directly in here, so they are handling it - check back to yesterday's post and you will see the photos are now included in there! Thanks, team!!!) This is the day we have been dreaming of, planning for, and waiting for…….and it’s here. It’s time for us to meet with the women entrepreneurs of CAMFED! So very exciting………. We started the day with a fabulous breakfast at the hotel (see photos of my favorites – chocolate croissants and latte!!!!! Awesome!!!! Gotta say it…….even better than what we get in Quebec, yes sirrreee!!!!) I, personally, had a GREAT ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare June 25th 2012

Hi everyone! I'm back!!!!! (So, here's the thing - I want to get this blog post out to you before I get so 'backed up' that you won't be receiving ANY blog posts.....but I am having difficulty up-loading photos - something to do with 'plug-ins''s all Greek to me! Anyway - I made a decision's getting late and I must be up at 4:15 a.m. to catch an early flight to Victoria Falls........we had a superb day today and I want to write that blog post, too - so, you will get the written story here......and to see the photos, you will need to log into Facebook, 'like' my business page and all the photos are uploaded there for your viewing pleasure. I'll get one of my tekkie colleagues to help me out with this ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare March 29th 2012

OK the internet is having issues and i have spent all day trying to add photos to this blog but no luck, I will try and put them up in the nxt few days. Having left the farm early this morning I am now back at ‘Hogwarts’, the Harare house. Though I have heard that a lot of people don’t like the house (which used to be a school) I think it’s brilliant. It’s very higgledy piggledy with rooms and floors all over the place and a lovely garden with a swimming pool. Possibly the most prominent feature of the house is Napoleon the massive dog, he has a colossal head but it is completely empty, not an intelligent animal but he’s brilliant. Along with Napoleon is Gilly the other dog and the complete antithesis of ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare March 28th 2012

The Farm: Staying on the farm has been (and continues to be until 6am tomorrow) amazing. Life out here is so action packed, I am always so busy, which is why it has taken me 4 weeks to start writing a proper blog. Whether swimming in the pool, jacuzzying, reading in the sun, going to Clive’s aviary (yes aviary!), checking out the ostrich or being set on by the pack of dogs (Bella, Nushka, Delilah, Milo, Hermione and Scruffles) Just staying at the house I am overwhelmed with options! For example on our first day we had a Black Mamba on the front lawn, how much more exciting can you get!! We had to shoot it with a shotgun as it got into the ostrich/chicken pen and how many people can say they went black mamba ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare March 25th 2012

OK so thus far my blogging has been poor - awful so i thought I should catch up on the events so far. I am not a talented writer and I'm sure the following paragraphs are going to be pretty dull to read but here we go; this is more a blog for me to look back on and then can remember the stories and tell them later. The School, I have spent most of my time in Zim helping to teach at St Basil's primary school so it seems to me a good place to start my blog. On my first day we arrived (me and Oscar) to find the children (all 700 of them) in the main assembly point ready to welcome us. Unsure what to expect we stepped up in front of this ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare March 5th 2012

Developed, organized, friendly, plenty of choices are things that we were not expecting to find in Zimbabwe but from our time here so far we have been amazed at how easy this country actually is. The media has made this country sound like a horrible place to visit and travel to but the reality is completely different. The media portrayed Zimbabwe as one of the most dangerous in the world just few years ago but the situation is different today as it was then. Of course the security can be changed radically in every Africa country and advisable to check the situation before your departure. Especially in Zimbabwe you’ll notice that the tourism is going slowly forward and tourists trying to find a way back to this amazing country. One piece of advice for travelers going ... read more
Fight the power
Fresh fruits
Music in the town

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