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Africa » Zambia » North-Western May 29th 2015

I arrived in Mkushi on a Thursday evening an hour or so after dark. Fortunately for me the driver was acquainted with the Forest Inn en route to Mkushi town. I was deposited at the roadside and compelled to cross the road in the direction of a dim light emanating from behind a metal gate. For a second I wondered if it was the same place that Tim had in mind but upon entering I found a guard who confirmed that it was the very place. Furthermore a restaurant and bar were on hand with a number of white and black customers. Not busy but it looked tidy enough. I made my way to the bar and promptly gulped down the ice cold Mosi Lager placed before me by the compliant waiter. I was soon joined ... read more
Gladiolus species
Aloe species in flower
Daisy species growing on newly cleared land

Africa » Zambia » North-Western November 29th 2013

Zambia, our ninth African country, and my first crash. The 20kms from the Tanzanian border to Mbala was tricky mud. Just when you'd build a bit of confidence and pick up the speed, you'd lose control momentarily, and the jolt of adrenaline would raise your heart-rate, and lower your confidence. Often tentative riding is counter-productive as you don't have the drive from the back wheel to keep a bike under control, and mud tends to clog up the tread turning it into a smooth donut with zero traction. But when your front wheel is wandering off by itself, or you begin to awkwardly fishtail, it's easier said than done to keep the power on. However, at one particularly greasy section the bike started to squiggle uncomfortably, and in a moment of bravado and frustration I wound ... read more
Campsite at Tanganyika Science Lodge
Shower being filled.
Fish feast.  Man it was tasty.

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