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July 23rd 2013
Published: September 6th 2013
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One ridiculously amazing day in my life...

Breakfast on Livingstone island: Must-do-experience

We got a taxi to the David Livingstone resort, which is a very luxurious, colonial style resort on the banks of the Zambezi. A small boat took Lindsay and I across the Zambezi on a very short ride to Livingstone island. We were welcomed with a maize drink and taken through to a clearing where we were told to leave our shoes behind, and put on a big black raincoat. We walked through muddy swamp land towards the edge of the falls, 100m ahead of us. It was exhilarating. We stopped close to the edge as Kelvin our guide gave us an introduction to the island. Already it was exciting to be close to the edge, in the spray of the falls, but we were about to get a lot closer!

Carefully following our guide, who took us step by step and literally showed us where to put each foot, we were standing on the edge of the main falls underneath a double rainbow! It was unbelievable. Half terrifying, as we were two steps away from death, and half thrilling to be so close to the edge, with the noise and the spray. Kelvin was fantastic, arranging us for photos. We daren't move until he told us - no one knows each and every rock better than these guides.

We then walked over to the David Livingstone plaque through more grassy marsh, holding hands as we went. We were looking down straight through the gorge with Zambia on our left and Zimbabwe on our right. It was amazing. Then it got even more ridiculous - he took us one by one to the edge for photos. My heart was beating fast, and watching him lean over to take photos was even more terrifying. Then it was Lindsay's turn, and watching her sitting where I had been was just insane. I could not believe we were here sat on the edge of Victoria falls, 50cm from a tall drop and sure death! No safety net or rail in sight.

Not scary enough, we walked over to "angels pool" for a swim. We stripped to our bikinis and left our clothes on a nearby rock and very carefully Kelvin instructed us where to step, and where to sit down. I think I was so overwhelmed with the location of this natural pool that I wasn't so concerned with the cold temperature of the water! I sat in the pool and Linz climbed in next to me. We were sitting in the zambezi water now, with a mini waterfall behind us and the mighty Victoria falls in front of us! Kelvin then had me laying on my front, edging me closer to the falls! I literally extended my arms, and that was the edge. Then I was on my side- he knew just how to get a good photo, and to covey how close I was to the edge - and to danger!

After our cold and invigorating dip we walked back to safety and towelled off. Then we were treated to breakfast under a gazebo, with the falls and a rainbow as the backdrop. We ate eggs benedict and a scone with a cup of coffee, all delicious.

Sadly it was time to go and we walked back via the "loo with a view" to the edge of the island (obviously not the edge that led to a sheer drop!). We got the boat back to the very luxurious Royal Livingstone and weren't going to miss an opportunity to be in such nice surroundings. We sat on a park bench by the river, and then layed by the pool and ordered a drink! Beautiful sunshine by the serene Zambezi after a thrilling morning. Paradise! Couldn't quite believe it.

I hope I was able to convey how exciting this experience was! The guides were excellent and we felt in very safe hands. I can't recommend this enough!

Cruising with the hippos...

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one 3.30 we were collected for our sunset cruise. As we drove down to the waterfront, there was a herd of elephants at the edge of the national park which was an added surprise! We were very lucky with our boat, with just five people on board (without sounding too old and boring...we had a slight concern that it would be full of party-goers wanting to get smashed on the drinks deal!). Dinner and drinks were included at a very reasonable price. It was a lovely journey along the Zambezi as the sun slowly went down. Beautiful scenery with the national park on our right and Long Island on our left. The wildlife stole the show. We saw two crocodiles laying on the banks, many many different birds including a huge flock of white birds dancing across the river. Then there were hippos... And hippos and hippos! Even baby hippos. They made funny noises, and came up to yawn! One even got out of the water to pee (which he also sprayed everywhere with a propelling tail!). It was fantastic. I think what made it so special for me was that my expectation was low. I was just keeping my fingers crossed that I would see one hippo, so of course I was overwhelmed when there were so many of them! We also saw monitor lizards and on our route back to the start, we went very close to the Zimbabwe river bank because there was a mother elephant and her baby feeding by the river. Absolutely amazing. On top of this there was a stunning sunset on the horizon of the river.

Off the boat and there was a big campfire going so we sat there for a short while listening to some nearby hippos.

A-lay-anda Zambia! We love Zambia!

Needless to say, this was an epic day!


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6th September 2013

Vic Falls
Thank you for bringing back some great memories ... Despite being from Germany I also stayed at Fawlty Towers. I agree with you, the trip to Livingstone Island and finding yourself sitting on the edge of the falls must rate as one of the most amazing things to do. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
6th September 2013

Thanks for your comment!
Yes, it certainly was amazing. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
8th September 2013

Wow, so close to the edge!
I cant believe how close you were to the edge of the falls, But they certainly made for exciting pictures! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience :)
8th September 2013

Thanks for your comment!
I can't quite believe it myself! If you get the chance, I fully recommend it!
20th September 2013

Some days are special
Your excitement showed in your blog. This was one of those memorable days you'll be thinking about when you are 95 & in the rocking chair. Wow. What an experience....
26th June 2019
Don't look down!

I'd be going nowhere near the edge.

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