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July 11th 2008
Published: July 11th 2008
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1: View From The Falls 31 secs
Angels At the FallsAngels At the FallsAngels At the Falls

Walking along the falls was like being in the shower. Waterproof camera came in handy here. As did the ponchos.

Victoria Falls - Definately a Natural Wonder

Our last stop was Victoria Falls. The falls are on the Zambizi River dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia. Our original plan was to stay in Zimbabwe, but as we arrived the day after the elections, all of the tour companies had rerouted everyonoe to the Zambia side as it was a little unstable in Zimbabwe. So everythign was full in Zambia and we had to spend our final nights in tents. Hence the scene of the last breakdown by Chester. But after seeing the falls, it was all worth it.

As with any vacation with Kirsten, the goal is to try and do as many activities as possible in the days you have there. And it was our last few days in Africa we did just that. We only had one day to get it all done and we accomplished it all. We started with a trip to the gorge for a try at the gorge swing, repelling down the cliff and the zip line across the gorge. Then straight to the falls themselves to see what all the talk was about. It was amazing. Enormous and beautiful. It was a little tropical
Angels on Top of the FallsAngels on Top of the FallsAngels on Top of the Falls

We are standing on top of the falls. Hard to image it is so quiet and calm and just off to the left there is a monster awaiting.
oasis in the desert as the spray fromteh falls was like a rain storm. Then to finish the day off, we did a helicopter tour over teh falls and into the gorge during sunset. This was the perfect way to end a vacation. Also the first helicopter trip for Chester and Lynn. When we saw it from above and the size of the falls, we realized from the ground, we had only see less than a quarter of the falls on foot.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Victoria FallsVictoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Just a small glimpse at the beauty of the falls. Pictures do not do it justice.
Where's the Gold?Where's the Gold?
Where's the Gold?

There were rainbows everywhere from the mist. But we never found the pot of gold at the end so we all had to go back to work.
The Falls From AboveThe Falls From Above
The Falls From Above

Just to give you an idea of the enormity of the falls from above.
Another View From AboveAnother View From Above
Another View From Above

The white cloud is the mist that showers you when you walk along the falls. This is the first thing Livingstone saw when he first got to the area.
Clear for LandingClear for Landing
Clear for Landing

Well maybe we didn't fly the chopper but we looked just as cool as pilots.
All Smiles On the GroundAll Smiles On the Ground
All Smiles On the Ground

Chester and Lynn were all smiles once we landed after their first helicopter flight.
The Last Chance to Say No.The Last Chance to Say No.
The Last Chance to Say No.

Well not really. As Kirsten and Chester were tethered together, Kirsten was not going to allow Chester to back out.
Kirste and Chester Fall to Their DeathKirste and Chester Fall to Their Death
Kirste and Chester Fall to Their Death

The first step is a killer on the gorge swing. Kirsten and Chester on the tandem swing.
Kirsten Goes SoloKirsten Goes Solo
Kirsten Goes Solo

After the first tandem gorge swing. Kirsten was the only one to attempt the solo jump. Well worth the hike up the gorge.
The View From BelowThe View From Below
The View From Below

Lynn repelling down the cliff into the gorge.
I'm FlyingI'm Flying
I'm Flying

Chester is flying on the zip line. There is no way to look cool in this position.
Get Me DownGet Me Down
Get Me Down

Chester just hanging around while they reel her in. Took a bit longer as they had to get some more locals to help crank the wench.
Lynn Can Fly TooLynn Can Fly Too
Lynn Can Fly Too

After a lot of talking and 2 attempts, Lynn finally ran off the cliff and across the canyon.

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