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Africa » Zambia » Eastern Province » Lundazi August 30th 2010

Ten weeks is not enough. I knew from the beginning that my summer internship would fly by, but I wouldn’t have guessed that at the end of ten weeks I would be so reluctant to leave Lundazi. For most of the summer I talked with my mom about her mid-August arrival in Zambia as if it was something that was too far away to really start dealing with yet. All of a sudden mid-August arrived, and so did my mother (Mami tabuela!). I am thankful for the distraction that was provided by adventure with my mom (the woman who taught me to love traveling)—a welcome diversion from the reality of the end of summer. The adventures began with mom’s 14 hour bus ride to Lundazi, where she was received warmly by a town who knew who ... read more
Squabblling over who gets to be photographed
Mom showing kids their photos
Clueless men pretending to grind maize

Africa » Zambia » Eastern Province » Lundazi July 28th 2010

Kafukufuku (n): The fabulous Tumbuka word for “survey” and the primary reason behind my relative business/blog silence in the last few weeks. As I’ve mentioned before I am here to help out with the mid-term evaluation of a CARE project looking at the integration of HIV/AIDS and family planning services, as well as the use of behavior change communication methods to address norms and beliefs around reproductive health and gender. To carry out that evaluation I’ve worked very closely with the M&E Officer here in Lundazi (Brian) to train research assistants, identify a sample, oversee data collection, and enter and clean data. Though Brian and I did not conduct any of the interviews ourselves, the 20 days of data collection were still somehow quite taxing. We spent long days and weekends out in Mwase Lundazi, organizing ... read more
Chillin in my gum boots
Corn stalks
That brown blob is a hippo

Africa » Zambia » Eastern Province » Lundazi July 8th 2010

Our survey has begun, and last week we scheduled some community meetings to start spreading the word--preparing villagers for the sight of our city-kid research assistants cycling lost and confused around their communities, doing their best to dress and speak like locals. On Wednesday we had a meeting set for a village in Chilola, but when we rolled in around 4 pm we found the whole village drunk. The old men swarmed, greeting all of us with slurred words and wobbly stances--one man shook my hand so hard I jolted from the force. He then proceeded to introduce himself to two of my colleagues and me, thoroughly butchering each of our names (mine became "Maybe," Victoria became "Dora;" she corrected him three times until she gave up: "Fine, yes. Dora."). Of course it doesn't do much ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Eastern Province » Lundazi June 29th 2010

A true adventurer I am not. Though I love the experience of living in new places it is not the thrill of discovery that keeps me coming back, but the feeling of comfort that comes with having settled in a foreign environment. With each new temporary life I build, I confirm something I should have admitted to a long time ago: that I live for the establishment of routine. And so it is that I happily report the very boring and every day accomplishments that have helped me weave my own pattern of life in Lundazi. The first of the successes was liberating myself from the paved road. Lundazi has only one of these, and in my first few days of living here I could pretty much only get myself from one point to another if ... read more
Fascinated by the Muzungu
Mwase Lundazi
A ride on the bull cart

Africa » Zambia » Eastern Province » Lundazi June 15th 2010

The last few days have finally gotten me from the capital, Lusaka, to my summer home, Lundazi. We left Lusaka on Wednesday, deterred from our 8 am departure target by a mere 6.5 hours. Though long, the drive from the country’s capital to Chipata (capital of Eastern Province) was also valuable—an introduction to Zambia beyond the confines of my Lusaka hotel and office, as well as an opportunity to better get to know Brian. The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer for the project I will be helping to evaluate this summer, Brian is both my supervisor and my colleague. He is quiet and thoughtful, but also very easy going and easy to get along with. He is very receptive to my thoughts and comments, and also very tolerant of the constant questions I am asking him ... read more
Hitching a ride
No machine guns, please
Remnants of the old bridge

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