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July 2nd 2009
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Medina and View in RabatMedina and View in RabatMedina and View in Rabat

Loved this more relaxed city
Well: not too much exciting stuff has happened.
Got my visa for Mauritania in Rabat after lots of politics.
Had a good time in Rabat but then spent almost 24 hours in Transit to make my way to Laayoune in the Western Sahara.
Didnt spend any time in Marrakesh as planned because I met a new travel companion who had already been there. I decided that it was more important to travel with someone into Mauritania then to see the tourist city of Morocco.
There is a lot of desert here, a lot of camels, a lot of police checkpoints, etc.
I think my updates will be much shorter if I have to deal with these french keyboards for much longer.
Tomorrow is Dakhla and then Saturday is Mauritania.

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Kasbah in RabatKasbah in Rabat
Kasbah in Rabat

Rock the Kasbah
I found a travelling companionI found a travelling companion
I found a travelling companion

he looks like a caveman haha

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